How It’s Made: Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

(slow upbeat music) – Hey I’m Dan and today we’ll be making Cupcake. (slow upbeat music) Cupcake is our best selling face mask. Ideal for balancing and
deeply cleansing skin. The first thing we do while making Cupcake is start with the infusion, which is of ground flax seed
to soften and moisturize skin. We add that into the boiling water and we let that sit for about 20 minutes before we’re ready to use it. In the meantime, I’ll get started on fair trade organic cocoa butter. So the grater we use to
grate our cocoa butter is the exact same kind you’d find in a professional kitchen scenario. And that’s pretty cool. Next, I’ll be peeling the
mint leaves off of the stem one at a time. I do that by hand and
inspect every single one that goes into the mix. Fresh mint leaves stimulate
and tone the skin. If I don’t think it’s a good
enough quality for me to eat, I wouldn’t want to put it on my skin. Once the mint leaves are washed, I add those to glycerin and I blend those using a hand mixer. (mixer buzzing) So glycerin is a humectant,
which means it draws moisture from the air and that’s great when you have it on your skin. By this time, the infusion is
ready to be added to the mix. I can add the grated cocoa
butter, the cocoa powder as well as our fragrance. Being a chocolate lover myself, I love making this one ’cause
it smells like chocolate. Rhassoul mud from Morocco
forms the base of the mask. It’s highly absorbent and
works with the cocoa powder to draw out dirt and impurities. Now that everything’s added, we’ll bring it over to
the food grade mixer and mix that up until it’s ready to go. Now that the final product is complete, we’ll get it over to our potting team and they’ll have it ready to go in shop in a couple of days. And that’s how we make
Cupcake Fresh Face Mask. (slow upbeat music)

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