Hey guys welcome back in today’s video we are going to learn how to make flaxseed face mask and the skin benefits on applying on the face so if you want to learn everything make sure to keep watching We are going to start to boil two cups of water in medium heat Add half of cup of ground flaxseed Stir flaxseeds for about 15 minutes and turn off the heat when you see a white foam on the surface. Let it cool down completely. The consistency of the flaxseed gel is sticky like egg whites Then use a clean cloth to squeeze out the flaxseed gel and store this in a clean container. Flaxseed has remarkable benefits on the skin when it’s applied as a face mask. The flax seeds has moisturizing and exfoliating properties thanks the omega 3 fatty acids found in it. Omega 3 has the ability to heal skin inflammation caused from acne, clean and remove impurities from the skin gently. One of my favorite skin benefits is that it helps to firm and tightening skin reducing large pores and preventing fine line appearance. The vitamin E contained in the seeds will prevent our skin from drying out. So this is a fantastic face mask to use during winter time, on very dry skin or if you want to get rid your tanned. Now that I applied the whole flaxseed gel around my face and you can see I also applied on my neck because it is important guys keep this face mask for about 20 minutes until it’s completely dry Then wash it off with cold water Follow up right away with your skincare routine. Here are my final results My skin is just smooth and soft I feel like I have zero pores It’s like baby skin it feels amazing. This is all I have for today I hope you enjoy this flaxseed tutorial If you want to be part of this organic family the only thing you need to do It’s to subscribe maybe say hi in the comments I’l see you on Wednesday PURA VIDA!

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