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hey guys so today I’m back with another video and yes I probably have on the same outfit as the last time and if not I probably put a video in between but just know if having the same top is because I recorded on the same day but anyway this is a review video about this product I was sent a while ago like so long ago and I feel so bad that I mean just now during this product for you but you know sometimes things happen I’m getting around to it now and that’s what counts so the product I’m going to talk about today is this bear oh babe a scary correction face cream and it just comes in a box it looks like this I’ll do a close-up on it for you guys but it is for like smoothing out your skin tone and like getting rid of acne marks it’s supposed to help with like lines and wrinkles I think as well which I really don’t have a lot of but I really like this stuff so I think I like this because literally when I was using it I had acne scars and when I was using it I could see a difference in them I could see them like going away within like two weeks which was awesome because I hate getting acne scars like after like just is it like mixture skin tones oh and even in like a black look in which I really dislike so much so I like this because of that I also like this because it’s like super soft and moisturizing like when I put this on I felt like I didn’t need to put on like a moisturizer afterwards I did still but it was like that moisturizer and I feel like it’s like the best cream I probably ever used on my face so yeah I also really like the packaging mine broke because I dropped it unfortunately but it’s super cute like the top is this clear thing and it has like a tree on it cuz bail bad is a tree and I think and like it’s this clear little top thing it’s connected to this white piece but like I say I broke my program because I dropped it the bottom is just this clear thing and the white that you see them inside is like where the product is like it seems like a little bit but this actually laughs at me for a very long time like I just ran out of it I think like a month and a half ago and I had it for like throughout like the whole summer so it lasted me a really long time it’s kind of on the expensive side so I don’t know if I would actually person purchase it anytime soon like it’s $50 and that’s expensive for a face product for me it works so I guess it’s worth it but I just don’t you know very often spend $50 on face products it’s on Amazon so I will have the link in the description box for you guys if you want to check it out and buy it or you know read reviews and things like that but like I said it really did work I just don’t like spending $50 on face things when I can try something that’s cheaper and probably works the same so I will stick with my Neutrogena and you know clear sell and all that stuff but it is amazing I really liked it it has a lot of good things in it it naturally brightens your skin improves uneven skin tone like I said and it improves the press of fine lines and wrinkles so it does a lot of things and if you are you know worried about those things and you want something that you know is going to work then I would suggest this and you feel like putting out $50 then go ahead and get it because you’ll probably really like it and yeah that is like really all I have to say about this it gripped I liked it it’s really moisturizing it has cheap packaging it even comes in like a little pour string bag like a little poster and called cloth bag which is really cute like packaging it’s awesome I love it like I said lasted me a long time if you’re using it by yourself and you’re not using like big globs of it then it’ll last you a long time because you really want to need like a little fingertip fall and you put it on I literally like a fingertip like fool put it over my whole face and it was fun like you don’t to use a whole lot of this so let’s do a long time if you feel I put not $50.00 then I feel like this is a good product to me if not then you know maybe I have some like alternative things down below I don’t know so my final conclusion about this product is it works it’s really moisturizing the packaging is super cute but it’s on the expensive side so if you don’t want to put out $50 and I’m pretty sure you find something else that you like that works just as good so that’s it for this video guys hope you enjoyed it I know it was short and like I feel like I was repetitive but I wanted to get like about porn across like it actually does work but is it offensive so yeah I would do a close-up on this for you guys and that’s it for this video umm yeah I hope you guys liked the video if not then I’m sorry but I was you guys next time like I said I plan on posting videos every Monday and then every other Saturday so stay tuned for my videos click the notification button if you will be notified when I post leave me some comments down below some video ideas just say hey talk to me whatever you like follow me on all my social media which I will also have one down below I had Pinterest snapchat Twitter Facebook Instagram musically I have all the things like you can follow me on everything if you want to you and I will have all that nim below for you guys and that’s it so yeah

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