hi everyone welcome back to my channel
if you’re new welcome my name is christine so today I wanted to talk to
you guys about blemishes I get so many questions on how I get rid of my
blemishes so quickly and I have oily acne prone skin and my skin is so
sensitive something that I really struggle with and as I kind of learn
more about my skin and the products that work well with it I have found something
that works really great for my skin so I am going to talk to you guys about that
today so if you’re interested in hearing about how I get rid of my blemishes in
just a couple days and some of the tips and tricks that I have for that first
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say a big thank you to Blume for partnering with me for this video just
you guys know if you follow me on Instagram or even if you followed me a
long time on YouTube integrity means so much to me and I will never promote any
brand or product that I don’t truly love it doesn’t matter how much money is
involved isn’t matter the brand I always try out products for a couple weeks and
make sure that it’s something I truly love and something I feel comfortable
sharing with you guys so with that being said I hope that you can trust that even
though this is a sponsored video these are still my honest thoughts so anyways
first let’s go ahead and talk about Blume. Ok Blume is a clean beauty brand
and what clean means is that everything is toxic free there’s no paraben sulfates chemicals added fragrances aluminum etc everything is also vegan and cruelty
free the main product that I wanted to talk to you guys about today is this
product called meltdown and this is their acne treatment before I even
partnered up with Blume for this video I saw this product everywhere I first was
a little bit skeptical to be completely honest but once I started using it and
seeing the results and seeing blemishes like reduce significantly in thighs
within just a couple of days I became such a fan of this I posted it in my
store multiple times I posted on Instagram about it and it’s just
something that I truly truly love this is a spot treatment for acne and
scarring and this has worked really great especially with my new breakouts
and even scarring that I have it’s also antibacterial anti-inflammatory so I
find that is really great for calming down whatever breakouts that I have
I recently had one on my nose and it’s reduced so much in size because I use
this oil at night and in the morning this oil is also really great because
instead of it being like a really drying cream I like that is an oil and it
doesn’t leave any film or residue on my face so it actually looks beautiful
under makeup it’s undetectable and really reduces the size of my blemishes
so I’m gonna go ahead and attach some photos that I took throughout the week
and as you can see throughout the week I kind of had new breakouts here and there
because this oil doesn’t really prevent breakouts from happening it’s more of a
like spot treatment I have different serums and stuff like that that I use to
prevent breakouts from continuing to happen so I think that week I was just
kind of eating a lot of oils and Creasy foods so I was kind of breaking out a
lot but I think it’s great because you could see the oil having an effect on my
new breakouts I’m just a fan of this oil I have been using it literally non-stop
since I got it I pack it when I travel I’m currently staying in Malibu and I
have it packed here with me I just think it’s so great and it’s such an
affordable price as well so go ahead and link everything that I talked about down
in the description box so that is my review of meltdown but anyways I wanted
to go ahead and talk about daydreamer this is a super gentle face wash as the
name says it is extremely gentle and I really love this cleanser to use at
night and in the morning it’s super super gentle so it actually doesn’t
remove all of my makeup if you guys have watched my previous skincare videos you
guys know I’m such a fan of double cleansing if you like going in with an
oil cleanser really does a great job of clearing off all the makeup off my face
and then following up with a cleanser to make sure we get a really really deep
clean I just really love this cleanser because it is so gentle yet it is still
purifying used it this morning and it just gives me the most like refreshing
feel and I feel like it does a great job of cleaning my skin and doesn’t strip it
I feel like this cleanser would work with all skin types even if you have
normal or dry skin it’s such a gentle cleanser that does not strip your skin
of any of the oils and it’s super gentle so even if you have like a lot of
breakouts it’s not gonna irritate your skin and this is just a cleanser that
I’ve been loving to use morning and night so at nighttime I just love going
in first with an oil cleanser because I feel like it does a really great job of
melting all the makeup and grease and residue off of my face and
then going in with the cleanser just make sure that my skin is fully clean
and everything is off my skin so this is a really great thing to go in for a
double cleanse it’s also really great to use alone in the morning then after I
cleanse my skin I will go in with the toner I always use a toner morning and
night and that just helps to regulate and balance the pH levels of my skin and
also it just makes sure that everything is fully off of my skin sometimes when I
use a cotton round you can see some of the extra residue that’s on it so I just
love going in with the toner after I turn my skin I will then go in with
mount down this I will just put a single drop onto my finger and then kind of dot
it on my face wherever I have blemishes or breakouts or scarring and I will give
that a second to kind of soak into my skin some nights I will go in with the
Jade roller bloom also makes a really great Jade roller and I will actually
use this and make sure I roll it in upward motions it just really helps melt
down to really absorb into my skin and shortly after I apply melt down then I
will go in with a serum and a moisturizer that will kind of just seal
everything in and make sure that I have enough moisture and hydration in my skin
for the morning so if you guys are not familiar with gloom they are actually a
health and wellness brand that focuses on inspiring confidence and girls going
through puberty they also have so many different products on their website I
wanted to talk to you about some of my favorite products from bloom and the
things that really helped me to get rid of my breakouts so that is the end of
the video I hope you guys enjoyed and found the tips helpful if you struggle
with acne and blemishes I highly recommend checking out bloom especially
meltdown this is my absolute favorite I cannot talk about this enough it is so
great you ask and see for them pictures pictures don’t lie I hope you guys
enjoyed the video and if you did make sure you give the video a thumbs up and
I’ll go ahead and link everything that I talked about down below thank you guys
so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye

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