How Facials Help Our Skin Health

(bell clanging) – When we think about
facials, we think about being pampered, but today
I’m at Lena Rose Beauty to actually find out
why they’re a great way to maintain the
health of your skin. – Hi Jane.
– Hi Jenny. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too. – Come on in.
– Great. (upbeat music) So Jenny when we
think about facials, a lot of us know what they
are, but we don’t know how they work, so
give us the foundation of what a facial is. – It’s really a
resurfacing for our skin, our largest organ in our body. – [Jane] Let’s talk
about the health benefits of facials, because I
know there are so many. – It’s getting rid
of product buildup, any type of over production
of sebum and oils, SPF buildup, and just
cleans the dirty windshield, reveals brighter,
more even skin tone. – [Jane] Really facials
are good for anybody. – Anyone 18 or up, we’re
all really stressed out. We hold a lot of
tension in our face even when we don’t realize it. A lot is coming at us
in this modern world. Adulting is hard, so any
time you can take an hour for yourself is going
to be beneficial for your mental health. – We’re coming in for our
facial, we need to prep, just like we would going to
any health care appointment. – Be comfortable, wear
loose fitting clothing. You don’t have to
remove your makeup. If you would like to come
clean faced that’s great. Just come ready to relax. – Okay so I’m certain there
are steps to the facial. Can you show me how it works? – Yeah absolutely.
– Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – Okay Jenny, we’re
in the treatment room, and we’ve got the lovely Lilly
right here is our client, ready for her facial. Talk me through the steps
of how a facial works. – First begin with a
consultation to get to know what their skin goals
are, maybe any allergies. The next step is to cleanse,
and we do a double cleanse. First with a water based
cleanser to remove pollution, product buildup, and then
we use an oil based cleanser to break down any makeup
that might still be on, any balms that might be
on the skin, or lotion. – [Jane] After
than comes toning. – It’s one of the most
important products in your skin care routine,
the it pH balances the skin. Our skin needs to actually
be slightly acidic to be at it’s healthiest,
and the toner with pH balance so the products you use
afterwards will work a lot better. – And then what
comes after toning. – We do the exfoliation. It’s a resurfacing for the skin. We have dead skin cell build up. We want to remove all that to
clean the dirty windshield, as I like to say. – [Jane] And that’s
followed by a mask. – Our holistic estheticians
will hand craft your treatment mask
which really is the star of the show in a facial. It has the most nutrients
in it, and you will sit in the mask for about
10 to 15 minutes. – [Jane] The facial wraps
up with extractions, if requested, and then
serum, moisturizer and a facial massage. (upbeat music) Let’s just recap what
we learned today. That is that facials are a
really great way to maintain the health of your body. – Yes of course. Facials are really
great for revealing brighter rejuvenated skin. Seasonally we really want
to be resurfacing our skin, wiping that slate clean,
starting off with a fresh face, and stimulating
collagen production. It’s a great treatment
for restoring, repairing, rejuvenating, dry
lack luster skin. – Jenny thank you so
much, thanks Lilly. To find out how other things
work in the world of health, just head to our website,

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