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hi everyone welcome back to my channel
and welcome to another episode of our of Blog this time we are going to do a self
rejuvenation or taking care of our skin this week it was a busy week as there was
a lot of things going on because it’s Halloween and we go to party we go
trick-or-treating and everything like that
aside from the long week of working so our skin gets tired our skin become
dull so it is time for us to take care of your skin so, and you do not have to
go out and spend a lot of money actually because you can have this ingredients
right in your kitchen. so what I’m going to do today is the homemade facial mask
using oatmeal avocado and honey, so let me show you guys how did I prepare my
homemade facial mask 2 tablespoon of oatmeal add water and then mash it using the
fork until it becomes fluffy okay here is our oatmeal it’s nice and smooth now
let’s cut our avocado here’s one big avocado cut them in a half like that
here you go guys then you can use the half part of the avocado and same thing you have to mash this one
together with the oatmeal until it become smooth consistency there
you go then now you can add your honey just add maybe one teaspoon of honey
just like that then mix it again until nice and smooth and fluffy so
okay guys here is our prepared avocado Oh what we gonna do today guys is just
apply it all over our face and leave it for like about thirty minutes depending
on what your skin needs you know if you have really dry skin you can leave
it for 30 to 40 minutes okay so let’s do it so just like that guys
spread it all over your face it feels good because it’s cold you can do the facial mask maybe
twice a week any kind you can you can use avocado with banana you know you
have all the kinds of ingredients right in your kitchen guys so you do not need
to go out there and and spend money we were making a facial mask it’s better if everything is natural so just like that spread it right there
on your face there you go and leave it for I’m gonna leave this
for like about 30 to 40 minutes until the avocado gets dry on my skin okay
guys while you’re waiting or while I’m waiting for the avocado to soak into
my skin, leave all the vitamins and minerals from avocado oatmeal and honey
into my skin I will be – I’m going to soak my feet my tired feet you know
because I’m my job the nature of my job I do lots of walking back and
forth back and forth all day so I have to soak my feet using Epsom salts I
get this from the drugstore they said Epsom salt is good for your you
know achy muscle or sore muscles so this would be good. I have basin here so I’m just gonna put half a cup half a
cup of salt Okay guys so lets soak in our feet in the water
with Epsom salt to make sure it would be better if the water is lukewarm
okay and leave it there soak our feet for 20 minutes and while
I’m waiting for my avocado to get dry on my skin all right I’ll see you in a
while and I’ll be right back okay guys here we go and back I had to leave the
facial mask on or the avocado facial mask on for about 35 minutes and also my
I soaked my feet for 15 minutes so because that was in the instruction of
the Epsom salt package and you know what guys I felt my skin I felt hydrated and
nourished so avocado is really good super hydrating super nourishing so yeah
you try it too so maybe you’re gonna like it or as I said you do not have to go out and buy those expensive facial
masks you can actually get it right there in your kitchen what is available
okay all right guys thank you for watching and I’ll see you again next
time or my next blog thank you so much and bye

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