How Baking Soda Can Treat Acne

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titled seven unexpected health benefits of baking soda today we’re going to
narrow our focus a little bit by zeroing in on one specific use for baking soda
that we may have neglected in the past you may not have already known about
this but in addition to all of its other potential uses baking soda can also be
useful when it comes to getting a handle of acne breakouts today we’re going to
walk you through how to treat acne using good old-fashioned household baking soda
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the end as far as natural home remedies go baking soda can be a highly effective
way to get your acne breakouts under control otherwise known as sodium
bicarbonate Healthline defines baking soda as an alkaline substance that is
helpful in managing pH levels because baking soda resides on the basic side of
the pH scale it can be used to neutralize acids both in and around your
body for example by lowering the level of acidity in your stomach baking soda
can help cure upset stomachs indigestion in acid reflux in addition to its
effectiveness and reducing acidity baking soda also contains properties
which make it an effective anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent
which also makes it useful for treating afflictions which affect the skin such
as irritation rashes and bug bites many over-the-counter creams and medications
to treat these conditions contain baking soda as an ingredient for this very
reason by the same token if the anti-inflammatory properties of baking
soda can also be useful when it comes to reducing the size of acne breakouts as
well as the pain caused as a result of inflamed pimples while not recommended
for daily use you can use baking soda as an exfoliant for
particularly harsh breakouts of acne or to boost the effects of any acne
products you’re already using when we say baking soda is not recommended as an
everyday acne treatment we realize that’s a point that probably bears
repeating while baking soda can be useful in helping you see the results
there are some potential dangers associated with baking soda based acne
treatments as well if you’re not careful baking soda on bare skin can potentially
cause more harm than good specifically by leading to unintended
and unwanted side effects such as drying out your skin causing early onset
wrinkles irritating your skin or even making your acne breakouts worse this is
because your skin naturally contains a fair amount of acid in the form of
natural oils which keep your skin moisturize and protected against harmful
bacteria and since baking soda nullifies acid that means that it can undo the
protection that these skin oils provide as a result with that in mind if you’re
going to attempt to use baking soda to treat your acne make sure that you know
the risks and be careful to avoid overdoing it so now that we’ve got the
warning out of the way let’s take a closer look and how you can use baking
soda in order to treat your acne the first thing you should do is make sure
you’re using a fresh box of baking soda for the treatment baking soda that
you’ve already used for other jobs such as deodorizing your fridge could
potentially be harmful to your skin that due to the fact that the baking soda has
already interacted with and reacted to other chemicals and substances also bear
in mind that you’ll only be needing a small amount of baking soda to get the
job done as we said be careful not to go overboard
the first way you can use baking soda to treat acne is by including baking soda
as part of an exfoliating mask or facial scrub after using a cleanser on your
face makes no more than two tablespoons of baking soda into a small amount of
warm water in order to form a paste from there massage the paste into your skin
using your fingers if you’re using baking soda as an exfoliant
rinsed the baking soda off of your skin as soon as you’re finished massaging it
in if using baking soda as a base for a facial mask make sure you don’t leave
any of it on for longer than 10 to 15 minutes in both cases once you’ve rinsed
the baking soda off of your face be sure to immediately follow it up with
moisturizer in order to prevent your skin from drying out and don’t rely on
using this technique more than twice per week as another possible method you can
use a miniscule amount of baking soda to give other acne products of beneficial
boost in their overall effectiveness using no more than half a tablespoon mix
some baking soda into your daily cleanser and gently massage the mixture
onto your skin as with the other methods be sure to apply a moisturizer as soon
as you’re done rinsing the baking soda from your face also like the previous
methods be sure to avoid mixing baking soda into your facial cleansers more
than twice per week while baking soda can be highly effective at taking care
of pesky pimples the fact that baking soda is so potent when it comes to
neutralizing acid means that it can potentially cause more harm than good by
reducing the intended effect it has on your skin’s natural oils if other acne
remedies had little to no effect on your breakouts baking soda can be a useful
addition to your skincare routine but only if you take all the necessary
precautions in order to avoid making yourself susceptible to any unwanted
side effects have any other tips tricks or hacks related to baking soda that
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