Hormones, A New Approach

So, what we know is that you’re having
hot flashes or any hormonal type symptoms or peri-menopause or any of that age bracket that did not go well for
you. Either you currently do or you previously had a hormone dysfunction
Because I have a brand new test kit, that is actually the
hormone testing and it has sample vial of all of the individual
hormones. So we can go through and find out where the pathways
are blocked. Okay. So this chart is very workable and beautiful to use whether you’re doing the DNA analysis or not cuz it just
kinda walks us through. Ok, well, here’s where you’re
stuck. And then, at least we know we have some guidelines of
what to do and where to go from there. The biggest mistake, as you
know, but I see people making it, especially the medical model and
then patients start saying it; is that everyone thinks it’s ESTROGEN. Well, that’s like saying well, maybe it’s a fuel problem.
Do you know many different types of fuel there are? And depending
on what machine you’re putting the fuel in, it could be any one and
do you know that the ratio and the quality? So that’s when people
tell me, Oh, I think it’s my hormones. It’s just like that’s
like saying “Oh, I think my gas tank needs fuel. Like OK?!? Yeah
like that, you know I agree. Where do you go from there? So with
each individual vial, what we can do, is we can find out is
it estrogen number one, even at all? And even if it is, do you know
that you have three key estrogens? They’re basically called
E1, E2 and E3. Not only do we need to know, number one,
“Are we even on the right path with an estrogen problem?” The
second question is then, Which one or ones of the three is even
even where your problem is. Because what the medical tries to do
is just handle everyone with one generic medication. But, you
can get into the same kind of mistake with two key herbs such as
Chase Tree and Wild Yam. They are the two common ones that you can
use for hormones. So, #1, people tell me: “I took the Wild Yam
and it didn’t work. And I wanna say to them, or maybe sometimes
I do say: That’s because it wasn’t hormones to begin
with. And/or they took it, it worked for a while or it got
some relief, but not all of the relief. Alright. That’s because
the Wild Yam was probably only handleling E1. And you also had a
problem in E2 and E3, and you needed something else to get the
rest of the story. So that’s what you’re looking at and that’s
what this chart explains. What we can do is then
find out #1: Ask the generic question: Is it hormones? Yes? or No? And, if it is, we can dig down deep and find out which
particular aspects and then put you on the particular dietary
recommendations and nutritional support to handle that
particular portion. Because what you need to take nutritionally
for E1 versus E2 versus E3 It’s all different. It’s not just everybody takes
Wild Yam for all of them. There’s three individual biochemical
processes. Because the thing about this chart, is what it
shows here, is you have to find out if you’re right here and
you’re the gene of the hormone or the chemical, you’re standing
right here. You have to find out who comes before you and
who comes after you. Because if you’re the block what you’re
going to end up with is; you’re going end up with too much of everybody
before you, and not enough of everyone after you. Because
you’re kind of like stopping everything. So you have a buildup
of this stuff and a deficiency of this stuff. So once we know where
you are on the chart, that’s where the DNA comes in, but even
without the DNA, I can still get a hunch of what you might be
deficient in based on what you have too much on using the clues
that you already know about your body or you know some of the
muscle testing has given us. So then we know kind of where
to go. But what we will have to do is, once we figure out which
particular roadblock we have, where we cannot bust
through, using those measures, then there’s specific blood work panels that you use to handle these pathways. Okay. Your MD is going to check
for cholesterol and your thyroid and your glucose. And that’s
all nice, and if we have a problem there, we’ll just throw
that in the mix. What we are actually going to be doing is asking each of
the biochemical levels and I’m going you a sample report like
I said. I’m not trying to confuse you. Once we know where the
blocks are, then what we do is we handle you as much as we can
with diet and nutrition and we assume, remember like I always
do, I always assume conservatively, everything we’re
about to do is going to handle it without doing anything further. But
where we’re trying to make it across that chart and were several
months into the game; If we’re kind of start losing some traction,
or the statistic is not improving, or God forbid going down.
We need to go find out who isn’t telling us their part of
the story. Because these are the actual biochemical enzymes and
elements that a body makes. And remember I said, if you’re stopping
it, we need to do that assessment and find out what on
this list is too high? What’s too low? And what’s normal? So like
I said: Finding out what it is, as much as what it isn’t, is how
you play the game. Basically the Yes / No game. So if we know that
we’re fighting like a dog to handle everything hormonal, but
we have one precursor that’s possibly made in the brain or in
the gut; and we’re here handling hormones, and uterus’s, and
ovaries, and sex hormones, and progesterone, and estrogen were not
getting there; it’s because there’s some other neighbor, just
as the chart points out, that we have to go find out who’s holding
up the show. Because argumentatively, you should be better.
But if you’re not, it means one of your teammates is not working
for you. Kind of like a soccer team. Someone’s like not either they are not there, or missed practice that day. Or they’re really
tired and not doing their job. Because all you know is like: “How come
we’re not making more goals in this game?” And that’s kind of what
we’re doing with your body. It’s like somebody’s not doing their
job and we would need to go and be more intense about it.

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