Honest “SUMMER FACIAL” Skin Routine .. | #SunTan #DeTan #Skincare #Anaysa

Cleaning is must before doing facial so you can use any of your favourite face wash then pat dry your face using a clean towel and your face is ready for further steps this time I’ll save your electricity & fuel as well how?? as there’s no need to make water warm on burner use that tap water directly as it itself get warm due to summers heat wet towel with that lukewarm water and keep it slightly tap on your face for about 3 minutes this open skin pores also it makes easy to remove dirt and tan while scrubbing mix well and scrub is ready do the scrubbing for about 2 to 3 minutes as we’ve already done with steaming on our face makes its easy to remove all the dirt & tan through this scrub Orange powder has bleaching and anti inflammatory properties which helps in removing dark spots and tan from skin whereas milk helps in reducing skin redness also moisturise to our skin coffee has after sun care & calming effects which calms downs skin irritation or redness also these three ingredients makes our skin lighten & brighten now clean your face using a wet wipe this scrub exfoliate our skin also works as a massage cream Facial Pack spread a cotton cloth over a bowl like this put curd & then squeeze all the excess water now will use this to make facial pack mix well both the ingredients till we get a smooth paste now apply this pack face & around you neck area this pack has vitamin C, lactic acid & zinc which removes sun tan, skin blemishes and infections also this curd makes our skin hydrated leave this pack till it gets dried after drying wash your face with normal water Must use this facial once or twice in a month all those ingredients which I’ve shared with you are easily available

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