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Homemade Herbal Bath Powder for Skin whitening – Tamil Beauty Tips Hello friends you are watching Tamil Beauty TV. Which usually think to change the soap we use if we get any skin problem. We don’t think about an alternative for soap. Chemicals are used while preparing soap to remove dirt from our skin and caustic soda is also in its preparation which is used for removing paints from materials. So far we were using a paint remover as soap. When we use this kind of soap regularly it removes the natural protecting layer of our skin. We will be happy that we have become bright. In this video we are going to see how to prepare a herbal bath powder without any chemicals. Take 500 grams green gram which removes dead cells and gives a bright look. It prevents wrinkles too. Take 50 grams of wild turmeric root. Instead of using turmeric powder use turmeric root which is chemical free and available in country medicine shop. Men can also use wild turmeric. Then take 50 grams of spiked ginger and using this gives a nice fragrance. Then take a handful of Vetiver. It keeps your body cool. It prevents acne, scar etc., Take handful of neem leaves dry it in sun for two days and powder it as I have done. We have given the link in the description box under the video to buy these products through online if you don’t get in your locality. Dry all the ingredients in sun for two days. Grind it in a mixie jar. Don’t add water while grinding. When you use this powder it keeps your skin soft and smooth, prevents wrinkles and you will stay young. It prevents pimples and pimple marks. Sieve it and grind again if you don’t get a fine powder. If you use this powder continuously it prevents sweat smell. Normally we use the same brand soap and we will like it when we use it for a long period and if you use this herbal bath powder then you will stop using soap. Use dry spoon while taking this powder and you can store it upto 6 months. Take required amount of herbal bath powder and Mix little water with the powder and use instead of soap. It will give better result than soap. This herbal bath powder is suitable for all age group people and all skin types.

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