Homemade Charcoal Mask to Remove Blackheads

We have recently talked on the channel about
the benefits of activated charcoal, both for our skin and for our body itself. This mineral is widely used due to its many
benefits. Activated charcoal has become a great ally
of beauty, and in now included in the composition of many skin products. The mineral controls our oiliness and cleanses
our pores, facilitating the absorption of other beauty products, such as whitening or
anti aging substances. It is often used as a true skin detox as it
renews our dermis by removing remnants of the pollution that we experience every day. Because of this deep cleansing it provides,
it’s also able to get rid of black heads. In today’s video you’re going to learn how
to make your own charcoal mask that fights blackheads in a totally natural way: And best of all, this homemade activated carbon
mask can still be a lot cheaper than many other brands that sell this black mask. You will need:
1 tablespoon of activated charcoal or 2 macerated tablets;
Green clay for face mask; 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Mix the ingredients in a glass container and
apply them to your clean face (except your eyebrows, eye area and lips). Leave it on for 30 minutes, then remove and
rinse your face with cold water. The tablets should be very well crushed in
order to avoid cuts when applying the mask. The interesting thing about this recipe is
that all the ingredients in this recipe: green clay, lavender oil and activated charcoal
control oiliness and therefore will help you get an even better result. Your face should be well cleansed without
any makeup residue. Then, with your fingertips, apply the mixture
along your nose and to the areas where you have blackheads and always pay attention so
that it’s not close to your eyes. Let it sit for 20 minutes. When this time is up the charcoal mask will
dry on your skin and be ready to be removed. Do this gently. Your face may look a bit red, but don’t
worry. The strength of the mask and the fact that
you have to pull it to remove it can cause this effect, but it will go away soon.

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