Home made natural skin tightening face packs, face masks II त्वचा के लिए फेसपैक , फेसमास्क I

Hello Friends Welcome to Priyanka’s beauty tips my today’s tip is for tightening skin many times we feel our skin have loosen and wrinkles appear on face for tightening that I am going show you how to make natural pack for that we need corn gram flour (besan) milk and lemon first take corn make its paste using mortar and pestle you can even grind it in grinder we can easily make its paste as they are soft once the paste is done add gram flour (besan) milk lemon jucie face pack is ready apply it on your face by lying down leave it for 15 mins once dry massage it and wash it off with cold water you will realize slowly your have tighten up and become shiny how did find this pack please do tell us thank you so much

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