Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Fruit Pack Review

Hello everyone… welcome to Beauty Mantra.
In this video we will be reviewing this product for you which is the Himalaya Refreshing fruit
face pack. In a separate video the link of which is given right below this video I had
reviewed the Himalaya Neem Face Pack which is ideally meant for normal to oily skin and
this face pack is meant for people who have dry to normal skin. Now the refreshing fruit
pack contains… primarily contains apple and papaya extracts. Apple we all know is
very rich in vitamins which is essential for your skin to remain healthy and glowing and
papaya is useful to smoothen your skin and also effective for those of you with freckles
on your face. So for those of you who have tiny hairs on your face, long term use of
papaya may help you to reduce the freckles that you have on your face. Now this… the
ideal way to use this face pack is that you first have to cleanse your skin with the cleanser
that you generally use after which you have to wash your face with a face pack which is
suitable for dry to normal skin and is not meant for say oily skin. After which you apply
this face pack. Make sure that when you apply this face pack the movement is upwards on
your skin and not downwards. You leave this product for 15 to 20 minutes or 10 to 15 minutes
depending upon how efficiently it dries on your skin and after which you have to soak
a sponge in cold water and rinse your skin with… rinse your face with that sponge.
After which – if need arises you can apply gentle amount of moisturizer on your skin.
Now you have to ideally use this face pack once in a week, you might also use it twice
a week in case your pores are pretty open and your skin tends to attract dirt easily.
If you have patchy skin you might consider using the Neem Pack it is more efficient in
removing clogged pores as compared to this product. This product is strictly meant for
those who have normal to dry skin. Now one word of caution is that it is very difficult
to apply this product for it is pretty thick it doesn’t really blend it with your skin
that easily. So you have to be patient and you have to give yourself at least 15 minutes
of time to apply this face pack. On the Beauty Mantra score card I will give this product
9 on 10. I will deduct one mark for consistency. If you have used this product and you have
any other opinion about it we would love to hear it from you. Please write your comments
in the comments section below. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel.
Until the next time take good care of yourselves. Bye Bye.

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