High End VS Low End Face Masks: Which Ones Are Worth It?!

there are so many different types of facial masks out there and you guys know how much I love using them so today in this video I will be comparing 5 high-end masks versus 5 low-end or middle range and I will just be trying them out and see if they’re worth the hype and worth the money because seriously some of them ain’t cheap if you haven’t already subscribed make sure you join the “Beauty Within” family click that red subscribe button so you will be notified when we upload a new video What is a mask? it is pretty much a concentration of an active ingredient which means it gives your skin an extra boost I feel like a new person after a mask it makes me feel good okay so there are like so many masks out there and it gets really confusing even for myself it’s like you get masks that are like $200 versus a couple of dollars and you thinking like what are the difference? of course you get those high-end brands who have very exclusive ingredients which is like sourced from like a tiny little island and everything is hand-picked and they have to use large amounts to get this one little droplet essence like the “La Mer” products that I was using when I was in New York when my skin was falling off I guess it does kind of weigh out in terms of like how you get the ingredients and what works but at end of the day you just want something that’s gonna work for your skin I picked the closest comparison that I could find and hopefully this will be an accurate experiment for you guys and I hope you guys will enjoy this journey with me and find out which one works whether it’s high-end or low-end okay now anti-aging masks I’ve gotten this “Sano silk” mask from “K-beauty” and I really wanted to test it with my old time favorite Chanel “Sublimage” mask now both claims to do everything for the skin the “K-beauty” one comes with a brush and the product is a clear gel so I just brush it all on I feel like it’s kind of cooling maybe because it’s cold but slightly tightening which I’m not a big fan of now the Chanel one also comes with their own brush and spatula I can’t find the brush so I’m just gonna use the same one the Chanel one feels more like a cream and with this one you leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then you wipe away any excess okay guys see you in 15 minutes oh my God! It is definitely tightening sorry for scaring you guys but my face was like so tight I have to wash this off ASAP okay so you can see my reason for not liking tightening mask its always like makes my face red and irritated but other than that the skin definitely looks a lot better the skin seems brighter and tighter the “Sublimage” side feels more hydrated and fresh so I feel like the “Sublimage” will give you like more of a long-term result whereas the “Sano Silk” one kind of gives you like a quick fix Hey so Mia asked me to try out 2 different types of masks as well so I’m gonna do the peel-off ones first and we have this passion peel-off from “7th Heaven” it’s not sketchy at all this is the low-end one obviously because it was only $2 and then for the high-end we’re gonna use the “Glam Glow Gravity Mud” so this one don’t get it confused with the white one which is a mud mask this is actually both peel off and it has little stars in it and it smells like coconut so we’re gonna try these two together so peel-off masks are basically it’s like kind of a gel consistency that dries on your skin and you basically just peel the whole thing off this one apparently is for combination skin and from experience try not get it onto your eyebrows because it will wax them off now I think this one will actually change color as it starts to dry and I’m always kind of skeptical about face masks that only cost $2 so we shall see so let’s put on the “Glam Glow Gravity Mud” comes with a little spatula and you’ll apply it with hmm so they’re both like very gel-like in consistency and very sticky face painting! so make sure that you attach it to every part of the face so that when it peels off it’s like one piece okay who cares about cucumbers over the eyes I guess the new thing is pomegranates over the eyes! I cannot be bothered time to peel it off so this one actually did not turn purple I am very disappointed I wanted to look like her but it is like really smooth so it’s kind of like a dolphin skin and then this side it just like all dry to this like galactic galaxy kind of thing and you can see all the stars and stuff in it like honestly I don’t think the stars do anything whatsoever but it’s like really cool so fun it’s like peeling your own skin off this side it came off so clean and actually feels so nice and tight it feels like my pores have actually shrunk continue peeling okay so that part didn’t fully dry this one i think was a little thicker you can tell like this is still wet so I feel like after those 2 peel off masks what I learned that you have to like make it really consistent like the thickness of how you put it on otherwise it won’t dry in the same time surprisingly I think I would actually go with the cheaper one that looked really darn cheap and was only $2 dollars because I feel like they kind of did the same thing and it doesn’t like feel like it’s making my skin itchy or anything like that I would say low-end does the job for a peel-off mask I picked “Glam Glow Clearing mud” which is super popular and I’m comparing it to this “Dr. Jart” one which i have been using currently the “Dr. Jart” one it’s actually like a mask/cleanser in one basically all you do is just apply a thick layer after cleansing the face and wait for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off in like a circular motion kind of like just washing your face again now the “Glam Glow” one is way more fancier you also have to apply this after cleansing the face and as soon as you apply it you kind of feel this like cooling sensation and after about 2-3 minutes you start to feel this like tingling and tightening of the skin you also wait for about 15-20 minutes and then you can actually see the mud drying and then you would just rinse it off with water like usual now the difference I feel after the mask is that the “Glam Glow” side feels cleaner for some reason even though the “Dr. Jart” one is like a cleanser/mask in one I think it is definitely that cooling or that tingling sensation that makes you feel that your skin is cleaner in terms of the look the “Glam Glow” side is more red than the “Dr. Jart” however I feel like the results is very similar like it’s not a huge difference there so for natural face masks we are going to use the low-end which is the “Belle Bar” developed by Mia actually and it’s 100% natural ingredients and it’s for brightening it’s for nourishing and hydrating and then for the high-end we’re using “Farmacy Honey Potion” and it’s their renewing antioxidant hydration mask they both have hydrating properties and let’s see how they work! this side we have the 100% natural “Belle Bar” mask it like definitely doesn’t smell nice but you know when things don’t smell nice it kind of makes you feel like it’s very natural so all you had to do was kind of add a little bit of water to loosen the actual mask up so this one is very thick and it’s not scented and it’s 100% natural which is why we’re going to put that on the left side so this one’s like pure honey as well as a lot of other antioxidant ingredients and honey is good for hydrating and purifying so you can use a spatula or you just apply it with the fingers this one also doesn’t really have like a scent you can even make honey masks at home by just using honey so what you do after you put this one on is you actually massage it for about a minute until it becomes like a white foam because the heat will actually activate it it looks like egg egg yolk…… okay so once you’ve kind of like heated it up you feel it kind of warming up as well and then you just leave them both on for 10-15 minutes so my first thoughts is the”Belle Bar” feels more like it took more of the impurities and the oils away because it’s a little bit more dry up compared to what I feel on this side which is a little bit more soft and nourished and it did say it was hydrating and nourishing this one whereas this one kind of feels like a clay mask almost but I definitely feel like they almost did two different things because they’re both natural I’m not really I don’t think I don’t feel inflamed or it’s not like tingling in weird ways or anything like that so yeah you can always kind of trust that 100% percent natural ingredients are going to be the safest on your skin oh man! I love sheet masks today I’m going to compare the “SK-II” whitening one to this Korean one by “The Art: Cell” so I’m just going to cut both in half and try them both on the same time first you can see the “SK-II” one is in the traditional cotton sheet that’s like white and it’s very stretchy and it’s moldable it’s like almost like microfiber and the liquid is quite creamy now “The Art:Cell” one is clear and the liquid is very runny actually there’s quite a lot of product in there I think it’s like enough to do the whole body I can feel the SK-II drying a lot faster it can also mean that my skin is drinking it up more quickly but after removing the mask I feel like “The Art:Cell” is more hydrating and it leaves like this glowy finish whereas the “SK-II” one dries down quite smooth so in terms of whitening effect the “SK-II” side seems whiter but I feel like “The Art: Cell” side seems more glowy so I don’t know whether you guys want to achieve that sort of effect alright so that was it I hope you guys enjoyed this kind of video because I love making them so make sure you hit that “like” button I will wait for you to hit it! I’ll hit it with you anyways thank you guys for watching if you haven’t already watched my previous video when I explained the different types of masks and what active ingredients you should be looking for for your type of skin make sure you go watch that because it is very important to understand what you should be looking for for your specific skin type please remember to subscribe because you want to join the “Beauty Within” family and we’ll see you guys in our next video bye!

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