Hidden Scar™ Breast Cancer Surgery

– Well, odds are all of us
know, or will know, someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Now there’s an effort to
lessen the physical scarring this disease can cause. It’s a mobile surgery training lab that’s empowering breast cancer surgeons with new techniques so
women can lose the cancer without losing the natural
look of their breasts. It’s an option you or someone
you love needs to hear about. – [Dr. Joyce Moore]
This trailer is the lab, and this is where we teach them how to actually do the procedures. – [Newscaster] Today
this mobile unit will act as a classroom for breast
surgeon, Dr. Joyce Moore. – Well under those two
areas right there are actual cadaver parts
that we will teach them how to do the hidden scar approach. – [Newscaster] Dr. Moore’s been using the hidden scar surgery method at Sky Ridge Medical Center for some time. Now she’ll teach other breast surgeons in the Metro Area how to use
to use the latest technology and techniques to effectively treat cancer while preserving the natural shape of the breast, leaving no
visible reminder behind. These pictures show you just how dramatic a difference it makes. – These are the retractors
we use that are lighted, and these are a big advance
for what we are doing because it allows us to see things so we can make minimal
incisions, smaller incisions. – I lost my hair and my breasts, and that, those are the two things that define women, like
who you are as a woman. I mean that defines your femininity. – [Newscaster] Lindsay Fryer is one of Dr. Moore’s patients
diagnosed at just 30 years old with an aggressive form of the disease. She’s decided to have what’s called a nipple-sparing double mastectomy. – And that’s what we’re doing now, saving the nipple and
aureola, putting the scar down below here so the
patients can’t see it. – [Newscaster] Lindsay is now cancer free and hopes as more surgeons get training, more women will be able to
have the same choices she did. – I think because I don’t
have those physical scars and I can feel whole again, the emotional scar I do
have is really of strength. – She is strong,
beautiful, and cancer free. It’s awesome. The mobile lab is only at
Sky Ridge Medical Center through tomorrow, it’s heading out to California to train
surgeons there next. Most of all though, not
all breast cancer patients actually qualify for this surgical option. About 70% do, so if
you’re thinking about it, or you’ve been diagnosed,
check with your oncologist.

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  • I wish that Boston Medical Center had surgeons certified in the "hidden scar" method. My daughter is deformed now – and scarred for life.

    She rid her body of the other tumors that were in the lymph nodes [Gerson Therapy] and refused the secondary cancer causing therapies of chemo and radiation – however, we did not know about the hidden scar technique.

    We would have certainly gone to a different hospital if we were informed about the procedure.

    I am so very thankful that you are informing people about the "hidden scar" concealed technique and hopefully, eventually, no other woman [or man] will be butchered for life again

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