Help me. I’m trapped inside of my own skin! My awesome hair band! Yes! alrighty, so, uh Hey there guys I’m making another video today just because there’s something else that I’ve been wanting to make a video about for a long time and I figured just It’s at the end of the day and I already made a bunch of videos today that you guys will slowly be seeing trickle in over the course of the month, but um, I didn’t put this on a tripod so, I Got this! Hanacure. Which I saw the ads for online like you see all these people putting this goo on their face and then it like shrink wraps their face in sludge and They come out on the other end looking better. So I thought I would give it a shot It is kind of expensive. It’s like a $110 for four of them It’s a lot. But I thought I would try it because I am getting a little bit older and I want to Preserve the moneymaker. preserve the face, right? Now I do use moisturizing products I should go get the ones that I use so you guys can see those. Hold on. I’ll be right back Okay, I just went ahead and put the camera back on the tripod so I can have my hands-free but um, alright so I love this one you can see that I’ve Used it till It’s almost empty It just feels great. In Colorado, It’s very dry here and yeah, it just makes my skin feel really good and and renewed and because if that heightened moisture that I’m looking for so Yeah, when you have really dry skin. I think it’s important To find what works for you? And so that’s that one. I don’t know if you can see it from here. I don’t know if it’s focusing on it oh, yeah, so this is the Clarins of Paris Hydra essential and It rocks my world the other thing that I love is this one which is the I’m gonna say this all wrong because I’m not fancy. Is it… Lani ish Laneige I don’t know what this is, but it’s their lip sleeping mask. And this thing is the tits. Oh my god This stuff is so good. It smells incredible like It smells like berries here and I haven’t even dipped into it like crazy like I’ve been using it a lot You don’t need that much and it’s like 20 bucks I love this stuff. It’s amazing. So this is my normal This is my normal routine but this on my lips and I put this all over my face and I Actually, I left upstairs. I have I’m actually kind of a problem I got a really bad as I’m sure you guys can see I have a really terrible sunburn here on my decolletage on my chest that I got literally like Jesus like almost two years ago like it’s bad because I love my titties. I need them to be beautiful. So They’re fine. They’re fine. There’s don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with the tits It’s um, but I just I wish it was a little bit better, and I’m so sanguine Anyways, they you know, like it’s so red. Anyhow, that this just really Comes out so I’m trying to find something that’ll help with that If anybody has any suggestions for what gets rid of like I basically laid on a griddle Style burns from the Sun then I’m open to hear those. Um, I have seen this a lot of different places online It’s supposed to be like some kind of miracle face thing Which I guess will see all the pictures that you see of it like whenever you see it online that somebody’s doing it It’s always like, Like they paint this goo on their face and then they turn into a zombie which I’m really excited about because I love zombies and so I thought maybe I should put it on and scare my husband, but I probably won’t do that So I’m 39 years old. I’m turning 40 in about six months and This isn’t bad. I’m I’m fine with this with the exception of the the burn on the chest I’m totally fine with the way my face looks But number one I keep up on it with I do use face products and stuff and dude, people Like it was really funny. So I had a little bottle of the the lancome genifique But it was a really cool product. But I already have like different face oils and stuff. And so I didn’t need it and I gave it to my friend, matt and And he kind of took it like it was snake oil. You know, he kind of took it he was like mmm All right Because he was started to get little frown lines in his forehead from being a worrier and so I gave it to him and I was like here use this on your frown lines and And he came back to me later He’s like, oh my god this shit really works and I was like dude women are not fucking around Like are you kidding me? Of course, it works. Like there’s a lab somewhere with a bunch of women Just coming up with chemicals to try to force youth into themselves. Um, yeah, it works chicks Don’t take this stuff lightly Like we’re desperately trying to stop the aging process because it’s not fair cuz like guys get older and they just look more Handsome and kind of you know, salt and pepper You know silver fox sexy and we look Haggard and gray and I will dye my hair till the end of time So that that way I don’t look that way. But anyways, so i’m gonna try this stuff I’m excited to see what it does to my face. So, um, so right now I Have I mean i’d have to get closer to show it to guys maybe i’ll pull the camera in But like right now I don’t have too many wrinkles. I do have like the tiny little Like little marionette lines right on the side of the face if you get in really close. I have teeny tiny little Kind of the the lines above my lips and I do have kind of the little cheek folds here. Just a tiny bit again. It’s not crazy but and then a PMT and kind of Like right between my eyes up into my forehead. It’s gotten a little rough looking now, but it’s good Not that it’s terrible and certainly not terrible for almost 40 But it’s just but I want to see if we can do some improvement so I’m gonna bring this in and I’m gonna see if I can get Any more I don’t know if this is gonna work I’m gonna see if I can get any more detail oh Well, it’s like really high above me but how you can kind of see that I can have kind of little it’s just like just looks drier You know Like I have a little bit of Lions in my forehead nothing too crazy of tiny little laughs lines here Don’t know how this happened. But like I have little like here and here I have like two dots of like miscellaneous I Don’t know like burst a blood-vessel or something Like I don’t know what happened here but there’s like these little tiny red dots and then my chin is okay like a Little bits of dryness and redness and stuff like that. I’m not hating this angle though. Like the high angle is doing for me oh and then mmm, no a bit like Sorry But no see this is terrible. Look at this This is two years man, like this happened forever ago, and it’s It’s ridiculous but Ladies it if anybody has any advice on how to get rid of a burn, please let me know in the comments I am desperate to try to fix this shit because my boobs are one of my favorite features and I just I’m like, how do you look in corset? Like they always maintain this like perfect. Here we go But no, but seriously, like they have like this perfect shape and they keep the beautifulness of my titties are good I have good boobs, but I feel like I’ve kind of wrecked them a little bit with this so I just like put makeup on over and I’m like Nobody notices so so yeah, so that’s my face and I’m gonna put this back up here And this will be all right now we’ll do a little bit more and yes, so I am going to open up this stuff now and This is move it back a little bit more Come on, come on tripod work with me So glad you guys were along for that ride that was worth it. Right that’s totally worth it. Okay, cool So anyways, uh, so with the hand of gearbox, okay, so you open it And unboxing, whoa So you unbox it and it’s got like a little pamphlet about how not to kill yourself putting this stuff on your face Which is very helpful. That’s so nice of them and then underneath that is All of this stuff, I’m gonna get a good good shot of that This is what you can expect in your hanacure kit Pretty cool that they give you a brush and everything right? I said this is this retails for about a hundred and ten dollars so it was expensive man, but for the right stuff, I would pay it was amazing and Um, well we’ll check it out. So Here’s how it goes in theory I’m supposed to take out I’m supposed to take out one of these tiny vials, right? Let’s see if I can give you a better angle of it so supposed to take this tiny vial here I I can see myself through the vial. Oh, I I am an idiot Yes, so you take the tiny vial and then you’re supposed to take this little thing right here I Almost dropped it that’s too expensive. It’s too expensive. You can’t drop it Okay, you mix them together just to pour this in here and then scooch it up Skoosh it’s like squishing and smooshing but it’s squash and then you shake it up and then You take out there super convenient and handy dandy little Paintbrush and you paint it on your face. So that is what we’re gonna do See if I can not destroy things. Oh I should probably like open the fucking Mmm, like this little tab you do here that says peel and so because I know how to follow directions, I’m gonna peel that back And then we’re gonna pop the little plastic lid off this son of a bitch Hopefully maybe Possibly perhaps. Oh Okay, so it like pulled back a little tab thingy like some of the plastic each, isn’t it And I’m going to remove that now *gasp* sprayed on me. fuck Stuffs too expensive we can’t lose any of it Any of it? Oh Oh and this little gray thing pops off the top and now I just have this little the magic the magic potion that I’m going to pour into here and hopefully not fuck up like hundreds of dollars of dollars with this stuff Okay, so you got this and let this bad boy and I’m pouring the magic solution in here So now I supposed to hold this thing and shake it Shake it. Shake it shake it. Shake it. Shake it. Shake it. Shake it shake it Shake it what you guys been spending too much time with me. I’m getting a little to myself on camera It’s like a little too. I love to me it’s fine Okay. All right, so Supposed to shake it for like I guess I should all read those directions He does tell you how long you shake it for I’m just an asshole and Mocking the directions, where’s the shaky part? Where is it? Shaky how long you shake it? Oh 20 seconds. It’s probably been 20 seconds, right? Okay, all right do we have goo We have goo! The goo is go! Okay, quick follow-up to my Hanacure experience here which has been really great I think I’m totally gonna keep using this stuff But so here’s the thing, I don’t think I’m gonna keep using their little brush here because When you’re using this stuff I mean it basically breaks down to being if you’re gonna use it regularly It breaks down to being about twenty-five dollars per treatment, which is a lot So with that rate go this stuff is liquid gold. So Whenever you’re using a brush like this like an actual like bristled brush brush You’re gonna lose some of the product in you know in the brush and I Just I’m not comfortable with that. So what I’ve been doing is using one of these little silicone applicators for face masks and It’s way better It’s a much smarter idea for keeping all of the product so that way you don’t end up losing any of it So I just wanted to add that on top of it So if you if you want to continue using this Maybe try using with the silicone applicators because it’s really helpful for Making sure you get the most bang for your buck and making sure it’s all on your face I’ll just do it towards the camera Really good these areas that I know I have issues Now it says it’s supposed to like kind of have a sensation. So it’s gonna like maybe burn or be cool or I don’t know I’m like a beauty guru Totally I’m not I’m not a beauty guru at all. I Have too many hobbies. I have too many interests and have you come along with me on this channel? You will see all of my varied and weird interests or my very weird interests Whichever comes first. I don’t know how thick of a Coat to put on this bad boy, we’re definitely gonna use all this shit. It’s way too expensive not to use literally Everything I want to get too close to the eyes Kind of getting it the eyebrow, but oh well Should be fine. You take it off with like hot water afterwards Feels really cool It should make sense. I mean, it’s a gel on my skin. That’s drying They said it’s gonna pull really tight too. So Alright, I think that’s it. I think that’s it. That’s one of them that was It feels kind of cool actually I sort of like it but we’ll see I will uh, It takes 30 minutes they say that you should leave it on your face for 30 minutes while it dries and I guess I could just sit here in front of you guys and do like a time lapse situation Make sure to get it on my left-hand side real good because I sleep on my left which is why the wrinkles are worse over Here so just heads up stuff it up if you have more wrinkles on one side of your face and the other It’s probably because you sleep on that side and your little cheek gets all smushed. So I’m gonna try to leave my face as Motionless as possible because they said the more you like don’t smile don’t laugh like the more you move your face You’re gonna like screw up the mask So I think it actually needs to pull it needs to contract your tissue a little bit or something. So We will see see you guys in a bit I’m trying not to laugh Five minutes in I know it’s closer to like eight minutes in now. It’s starting to get tighter on my skin I should really look my jaw. So don’t fuck anything up. But so you see how it’s like pulling they’re Also pulling my eyeballs I’m gonna feel it definitely around my my neck as well Just wanted to give you guys a little updates It was my totally awesome face mask I’ll check in again in about ten minutes. I’m sure not to laugh. Okay, not laughing. This is very serious very serious face mask It’s crazy. I wasn’t making my skin a little red. It’s probably just um, I Don’t think I’m having any kind of a weird reaction to it. I think it’s just adding circulation to my tissue So around the eyes looks crazy though I can actually literally feel it like shrink wrapping around my face and It’s kind of cold and a little tingly it doesn’t feel bad though, it doesn’t, you know doesn’t Hurt or anything it doesn’t burn so so yeah, it’s also just tight and weird All right, so I look old this is officially made me look good million years old now Is this what I’m gonna look like when I’m old? god I fucking hope not And I look like I have a duck face I Look like a zombie. I think it’ll just get more zombie looking. It looks like I’m upset. I’m not upset As look who’s making me frown it was really tight Carrie! Carrie, help me Help me Carrie Fisher you’re my only hope Looks a little red Cracking and stuff Can kind of like feel my pulse inside of my face So yeah, I can like feel my heartbeat in my face 22 minutes in. 22~ I have no facial expression. I Look old and weird. That is all! I’m trapped inside in my own skin. Oh This is dry. I think It feels weird Alright I’m gonna go wash this off my face so I can feel my skin again I look angry. Why does it make me look mad? Just cuz I’m not like moving my chin. I look like a mad old monster person zombie girl Wanna go wash this shit off All righty guys I’m back and my face made it it’s okay survived So I’m gonna do what I did before and bring this in and we’re gonna talk about oops. Oops little Oh, I dropped my my camera a little too low. Oops But anyways, so let’s talk about this. I’m gonna try to get my face close to the camera here So so yeah, number one. My skin feels really good. I will say that it feels really soft. It’s very smooth Yeah, it feels nice those really really good The few things I noticed immediately. So I Don’t know if you guys want to look back at the beginning of the video but my face is actually a lot more red now, which is fine a lot of Enzymes and a lot of Face masks and stuff will actually cause circulation to increase in your tissue And so that’s a good thing because it’s increasing collagen So it sends a signal to your body that says let’s put more collagen in here, which is what makes your skin pliable and That’s why when you’re younger your skin looks Softer and more full than when you get older right where it gets kind of a little bit more Wrinkled and doesn’t bounce back as quickly. So the fact that there’s Some inflammation happening and it’s a little bit pink totally fine by me. It doesn’t bother me It doesn’t hurt like it doesn’t you know, like it doesn’t sting or anything like that. So that’s all fine but the things I do notice right away is My marionette lines are less If you look at them, I don’t have them as pronounced as I did before And same thing with my cheek folds, they’re definitely less Right, I still see them like I have a cheek but Yeah, they’re not nearly as bad. Also. I almost have no Blemishes like I don’t have like all of sometimes I have like like bigger pores And it’s definitely made all of my pores smaller. I don’t know if you can see that or if it’s Like I don’t know if the the Camera will focus on that but Yeah, my pores look way better like I don’t have nearly as much like I saw you usually have like little blackhead same thing Right here with the chin And like that’s all gone So that’s pretty cool. Um The little wrinkles right here. I don’t see them like a little bit right there I’m like if I squint but I don’t see my my crow’s feet. Really You guys will have to let me know, you know It’s looking pretty good. It’s not bad bringing it back up to the forehead right again. Like I don’t have a whole lot of Wrinkles here this one it seems like it didn’t get hit as much. I think I emphasized The stuff down here and then I brought some down on my neck So I think next time maybe I’ll put a little bit more pure. I still have some of my hairline So not bad. I still have three more of the Hanacure Potions magic elixirs. I don’t know what it’s called Treatments treatments is a better word I’m gonna try to bring this back so you can look at my face the way it was So you can kind of see a difference from what you were looking at before I don’t know if you can see a difference, but I do What’s it I’m gonna bring the light down a little bit so that way I’m not Super blown out with light. What do you guys see a difference? Um, it looks real good to me like from where I’m looking cuz I got my little mirror over here It definitely looks like the lines on my face are better The only spot at all is I feel like I could do a little bit more here It doesn’t feel as soft up here as it does down here. Um Excuse me, but um nut I like it. So I think I think might be what I’ll do is I’ll do another update video for After I’ve tried the other three and see if there’s any other kind of results if It seems like it’s getting better over time and like if it’s like a good product that continues to make my face look better Then I’ll do it once a week I’ll probably buy a set like this buy a set of four and then just do one a week Because that’s worth it. I feel like They say in the directions that you could use it up to once to twice a week and I’m like Yeah twice a week is a little much like that’s a little too much money for me I can’t spend like 220 dollars a month on face stuff, but like 110 Could probably do that. So, um So yeah. Anyways, that’s that’s my face I hope you guys enjoy the video and Please remember to subscribe and hit the notification bell and check out all my other videos and I will just see you guys soon

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  • Moisturize me….

  • I remember when we bought that lip stuff! That stuff really is amazing! I still have a ton of it left too, and use it daily!! I will have to try this stuff when I hit the lotto 😉 Just a lot of catching up right now after being out of work for that month then on part-time for almost another month. ugh.

  • I use that laneige lip mask and it’s awesome! I just got a travel size and use it all day!

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