Good Vibes Activated Charcoal Face Mask Review and Demo (with English Subtitle)

Hey guys, This is Libishiya
Welcome back to my channel, LJ Vlogs In this video we are going to see the review
of good vibes activated charcoal face mask. Before getting into the video if you are watching
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forget to subscribe to my channel also click the bell icon for further notifications. Lets begin the review. This is the container in which you get the
product. It is very travel friendly as it is made of
plastic. The price of this jar is 225 INR but you can always get it on discount When I bought this the price was around 140. They mentioned all the ingredients and other
detailing in the outer side of the container. It does not contain parabens sulphates and
No mineral oil used and it is a cruelty free product No parabens which is good. because most products contains it No sulphates also which is good. It’s a cruelty free product
and it doesn’t contain mineral oil also Net weight of the product is 50 gm but you
can use it for a long er time period so it’s You can use it for 3-4 times
it’s worth the buy. When you open, it contains a lid like
can see the product here. It is not deep black but it is slightly ashy
in colour and it is not a peel off mask. It is like a face mask which you have to take off by washing your face. The nature of the activated charcoal is to
suck out the impurities from our skin. That’s why it is trending now. Generally activated charcoal helps to suck out impurities/dirty particles around pimple black spot It is given to people who’ve consumed poison because it’ll suck away the impurities from our body. I was about to try activated charcoal face-masks
and when I saw this on google I definitely wanted to try activated charcoal face-masks
hence I bought this. I’ll put it on my face now and tell you
the results. I washed my face and now I’ll apply the
product on my face and show it The texture of the product is very creamy
hence we don’t need Any brush to apply our fingers are sufficient to do the job. Always take more product to apply to get the
exact result you need and always do a patch test on your face before trying any new product coz sometimes your skin may be allergic to the product. I’m using it for more than one week now
and it suits my skin well that’s why I am applying it directly to my skin. Always make sure you do a patch test.I waited
for some ten minutes and then washed it off. I have applied all over my face now
Will wait for 10 mins and see the result the pores are visible coz the face-mask went deep into the skin. After waiting for 10 minutes I washed my face. Here comes the conclusion part this face mask
doesn’t make my skin dry even though my skin is on the drier side no moisturiser is
needed as it leaves your skin moisturised. It didnt make my skin dry even thou my skin is dry I am trying this for one week now but I don’t
see any huge difference. I don’t have any acnes or pimples that’s
not gonna bother me but I have pigmentations and also I have dark circles
but It didn’t do anything for those. I tried it on my husband too he has a lot
of blackheads but it doesn’t do anything for that too. But thankfully it doesn’t affect his skin
coz his skin type is oily don’t fully recommend this product but you
can definitely give it a try as its budget it will make your skin soft. If you like the video like it share it and
also make sure that you subscribe to my channel. See you all in the next video bye bye

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