Global Beauty Care Gel Face Masks: Dollar Tree Gold?

hey everybody welcome back to my channel
so this week’s Dollar Tree Gold is on the global beauty care little gel mask
so I got a charcoal one right here and then a gold one that’s for anti-aging so
let’s go ahead and give these ago I have tried the charcoal one before so it’s
gonna be a first review you know first impressions on the gold but it is not
for the charcoal so if you’d like to see the application review all that then
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of the week and I know what you guys to missiny so guys it’s like I was saying I
did pick these up at my local Dollar Tree and I do have to say first out of
the gate guys this gold one does have real gold in it and the Terkel has pearl
powder K and guys this is amazing because a lot of affordable like you
know drugstore you know super cheap stuff is tests on animals these are not
these are not test on animals so if you are concerned about you know that if you
are cruelty free than the global beauty care little gel masks they are good to
go okay guys so they have like their social media on here k it does come with
a 1.7 ounce a little jar of product okay and it also comes with a little
applicator in here as well like a little spatula okay I didn’t use the spatula I
have my own like little silicone spreader okay but I think that’s really
cool so that way it keeps the product clean okay these kind of reminded me you
know just like they look of them and stuff it kinda reminds me of the glam
glow little masks so like this came to this one they both came totally sealed I
just haven’t tried the gold one yet but packaging I think looks pretty nice I
mean for it being from the dollar store okay and I mean I don’t know I was really
impressed when I first saw the packaging I mean that looks cute I mean cute
little jar a little spreader so guys this one the gold one for
anti-aging it has water sodium sulfate glycerin beYOU lean wheat protein
retinol vitamin E absorb ik acid which is vitamin C has let’s see it does have
pearl powder and gold k assuming the charcoal one has similar ingredients
this does have the water charcoal powder glycerin vitamin A vitamin E vitamin C
something called ala ala tone 8ll int oin and pearl powder k so it is pH
balanced hypoallergenic not tested on animals for all skin types game so I’m
gonna pulled a little applicator out of the box let’s go ahead and give this a
tow okay so I think the gold one looks really pretty I mean it just looks
really pretty K so I’m gonna do the double mask think a I am gonna they
don’t really have a scent either which is cool okay so it’s just like you know
like a gel so I’m gonna use the gold one up on my forehead I’m knees a little
applicator came with let’s try this out so it’s you know it’s not super runny
it’s very cool but yeah for some reason this just gave
me glam glow vibes it’s supposed to help with wrinkles go ahead and just get this
spread out I mean I don’t know I think you know like I said I have used the
charcoal one and it feels really nice supposed to leave these on for 10 to 15
minutes so I’m gonna go ahead and get these applied and then I’m probably
gonna go smoke a cigarette and then come back we’ll see how it looks and then
rinse it off and all that jazz so okay so that was the gold one here’s the
charcoal one and this one is supposed to let’s see so this one’s supposed to
refine pores lifts away dead skin cells without over-drying
supposed to dry out dirt oil and impurities from your clogged pores so
guys I do have to say to you late you know how some products like really
inexpensive products sometimes the English spelling or writing isn’t really
great guys the this is fine k where’s it made in see it comes from new work I’m
not seeing it’s distributed by global beauty care in New York New York I’m not
seeing where it’s actually made though anyway guys that does have a six-month
shelf life so okay so this is the charcoal one okay it’s same kind of like
gel formula and we’re just gonna do it in my t-zone area so at first I thought
this black one was like a pill off mask it’s not so if you do see this at your
local Dollar Tree it is not a pill off charcoal mask you don’t need very much but guys it’s
like glittery and it’s the pearl powder which you know I don’t think it actually
does anything for the skin but I do think it is it just adds a nice
aesthetic so the gold one it did spread a little bit better with the little
included applicator this one doesn’t you know like I said I use my silicon one I
might just use my fingers but guys you do get quite a lot of product quite a
bit of use out of these so let me go ahead and just get this charcoal one
kind of spread a little bit better okay guys I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna go
smoke a cigarette and I will be right back in about 10 to 15 minutes to show
you guys what this is looking like we’ll go rinse it off then I’ll give you guys
my review okay a little bit of double masks in here but yep so the gold ones
up on my forehead so the gold one guys it is supposed to
well that writing it’s yellow writing on a white background so it’s a little hard
so it’s infused with gold is known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and
wrinkles by firming and toning the skin in addition it offers intense hydration
to revitalize smooth and soften your skin cool okay I’ll be right back right
back guys okay guys so it’s been about 15 minutes they kind of dry down a
little bit like this isn’t like that’s not goopy or anything but it’s still
sticky okay so like it’s not coming off on my fingers but I’m gonna go rinse
this off and then I’ll come back and we’ll do the review and what do I think
of it and see if it’s worth a buck be right back okay guys so I have to say
like like where I used the charcoal one guys it does fill tighter and like my
pores do look a little bit smaller in that area and guys the place where I
used the gold one which is the anti-aging it’s for the wrinkles and
stuff it does smell feel really really smooth
and my wrinkles do look a little bit more plump so guys I’ve used the
charcoal when it absolutely does no skin irritation it hasn’t clog my pores I
haven’t broken out from it so guys for a buck I do think that the global beauty
care little gel masks at the dollar store I think they’re actually really
really good you know they it does come with a lot of
product 1.7 ounces it comes with the little spatulas k just wash those off if
you have your own silicone little spatula thing then go ahead and use that
but guys I do think for a dollar I think these are a great deal cruelty free
they’re not tested on animals I can’t see find where they’re made okay
it’s just distributed but they do have a website global beauty care calm and yeah
I think that you know for a buck I think these are great I think the packaging is
really really cute I think for people that want to try a you know a face mask
or you know whatever I think this would be a great deal because I mean you’re
only spending a buck and for me personally I don’t have a release
sensitive skin but fragrance or like really crappy ingredients it can make me
break out and I’ve never had a break out this is the third time I’ve used the
charcoal still have quite a bit left but you don’t need very much but yeah I
think that they’re really really nice for a dollar so is the global beauty
care little gel mask the charcoal and the gold are they a Dollar Tree gold yes
to me they definitely are definitely think they were worth a buck and they
leave the skin looking nice I mean yeah I mean my foreheads a little shiny but
it’s moisturized I really really love these I think they’re a great deal for a
dollar they do have the sodium chlorate and stuff like that in it but I do think
that they are a really really nice mask I do think it’s cool that they actually
like pearl powder and gold powder in it I mean it’s just makes it a little bit
more luxurious for a buck so yeah I definitely think that these are a dollar
treat gold so guys I hope you enjoyed this week’s toiletry Gold if you did
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little stocking stuffer just a little additional gift to throw
in to whatever you’ve already gotten I think anybody would actually really like
these men or women teenagers older people I think anybody would really like
these and guys also make sure that you guys leave a comment down below what is
your favorite face mask these are great I will definitely be repurchasing if
they have any left I also love the Queen Helens mint julep mask so yeah let me
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it’s all a bunch of glam babe I will see you guys tomorrow for another video a
great one guys bye

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  • great review

  • I purchased the charcoal one today couldn’t find the gold one. So guess one is better than none. I’ve been using their retnol skin cream as my nightly moisturizer for over a month or 2 now love that one as well!!

  • Can't wait to try these!!!! Thank you! 💯💜💋💯

  • I discovered the gold mask recently by trying it on a whim— no other face mask has reduced my acne and not brought it out to the surface. Awesome deal— your review was great, btw! ❤️ Looking forward to watching your new content. ☺️

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