Gleamin Vitamin C Clay Mask Review

Hello friends it’s me KristinCena! Welcome to another episode of Mask with Cena In today’s video the mask thatithat I’m trying out is this seed and sour vitamin C clay mask. Now I can’t wait to try this one out guys because lately I’ve been lazy on putting on clay mask on my face so that’s why my skin is so rough and I just know that my skin needs clay masking right now and yeah let’s open this one. I got this from the mail the other day So here it is, so there’s a brush applicator from the box and also, I can’t And also, we have the clay mask, this is 80 grams. Now it claims to detoxify brighten and enrich. Now, it’s my first time to hear a vitamin C clay maks so I’m excited about this because if you don’t know vitamin C is really like an ingredient to like brighten the skin they say it’s cruelty free and vegan And I can’t wait to try this one out. Okay I don’t know.. I don’t know.. I can’t figure out the scent but Definitely not that bad But I wouldn’t say it’s the best smell either. The interesting part with this one guys It has the world’s first Australian trio. So what do you mean by that? The ingredients of this, it has a finger lime caviar, desert lime and kakadu plum. Now kakadu plum, It also is a fruit that has the highest vitamin C content it has a hundred times more vitamin C than oranges, which is amazing! and these.. these fruits or these plants are actually native to Australia. It’s like a mustard yellowish clay mask. So and also guys, it has kaolin Australian clay, which is Like kaolin clay alone. That ingredient is really good in exfoliating the skin As well as absorbing excess oil Which makes it good for those who have acne prone type of skin and sensitive type of skin. I’ll be speeding through this process of putting on clay mask and I’m gonnatell you guys later my thoughts about this one So here it is guys, I think I’ve put pretty like the right amount – not too thin and not too thick either and I actually enjoyed putting it on my face ’cause it’s like I’m putting on paint that a yellow paint on my face and let’s let this sit for 10 minutes or until it dries out. It’s almost 10 minutes And before I wash this off with lukewarm water I just would like to mention that after like 3 minutes that it’s sitting on my face It’s actually… it dries out pretty quickly and what I noticed guys is did younoticethis one right here? like compared to my cheek right here it actually like magnifies like there’s like holes right there, which really shows that my pores right there is huge and also it emphasizes as it dries out it emphasizes like my pores so it really sinked in right there, which is awesome. And another thing I did not feel anything at all – no sensation No, tingling whatever. So if you have sensitive type of skin, I could say that you might like this one The only thing that I’m not sure of with this it’s like it does not come say here on the expiry date or the shelf life of this..Oh no, It’s actually here August 2020. Oh, that’s not too bad That’s next year and unlike most clay masks that I’ve tried where it’s hard to speak because it becomes so stiff when it dries out This one is not so Let me just go to the bathroom and wash my face. Hey guys, I’m back And what do we think of the result with the first impression of this seed and sour vitamin C clay mask? First It was so easy to remove with water. Earlier, I touched right here It was so rough, but now it’s it’s better.. It’s not that it took off like I think this is like bump.. pimple bump Right here And it’s just just feels a lot better now and also my skin feels so smooth You know what..the excess oil is really removed. I like that! oh, oh, there’s still there’s still ‘lil bit here. I did not notice that The thing that I like with this one, this is a vitamin C clay mask, right? So Vitamin C is an ingredient that is really powerful in skincare industry But if you are new and you don’t know that vitamin C, when you mix it with other chemicals, it can be so irritating and not really good for your skin So it’s awesome that it is in a wash off form because they like you put it on your face and even wash it off So it’s not that bad because it does not stay on This is not great to pair with I mean vitamin C not this one vitamin c is not great to pair with like exfoliators and that so before you use this just make sure that you don’t use like AHAs (or other acids) as facial cleanser So just wash your face with gentle cleanser and then you use this one and yeah It’s just.. I just like it that it is in a wash of form. I don’t know If you’re gonna use the clay mask Or whatever mask that you have just make sure that you don’t use it daily Maybe like twice a week and if you have extra sensitive skin like really dry skin as well Then you use it once a week. And also my husband though. I am not a fan of the scent I don’t hate it either.. When my husband walked he you really loved the smell I guess it’s because it has this bergamot essential oil, jasmine essential oil and Ylang-ylang essential oil which for him smells really good. I don’t know I just.. I just like my skin right now Like I don’t have the I don’t have the perfect skin guys But that’s actually the point why we use those. So far I can’t say anything bad about this I’m gonna give this a ten out of ten as a first impression! That completes this video guys. Thank you so much for watching. I do. Hope you subscribe and click that thumbs up button I’ll now see you guys next week. Bye

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