GLASS SKIN Massage and FACE WASH Cream

Starting with the name of ALLAH the most beneficent and merciful. Assalamu Alaikum, welcome back to my channel Fashion tips.viewers today in fashion tips, i am going to make honey massage cream for you guys. you can call it ashkari or massage need wash it after massaging it it is very effective, after massaging it you will get a crustal clear glow. and you color will get very beautifully glowing. your skin will start to get shine like a glass after using it just once. because the thing we are going to use in it is honey. as you might know the benefits of honey. as we know it is not suitable for some skin type. remember , if you think that it doesn’t suit you skin then do not use it. you can use it on hands, face, elbows and on legs. but do the patch test on your skin before using it on whole face to see if it suits you or not. you need to use it once a day and keep it on your wash besan after prearing it. when you want to wash it then massage it for a while on your face and then wash it. you will get its wonderful results. so viewers, let’s go towards video and let me show you that how we can prepare it. very first thing that we need is a dove soap. you need to take dove soap. or you can take any other soap in place of dove soap. but here i am taking dove soap. here i have grated the 1/4th part of the soap. now take a bowl after grding it. i will add in it, 1 2 3 4 i will add almost 5 teaspoon of soap in it. after adding it , we will take hot water. here i am taking lukewarm water. i will add it enough that all the mixture get soft in it and get a creamy texture. after adding it i will keep it for sometime so, this soap will get soft in it. you need to add enough water so that it will get soaked in it. now i will leave it for 10 minutes so that all the soap get soft in it. i will leave it on a side now take a bowl and add honey in it. in 4-5 teaspoon of soap, we will add 4 tablespoon of honey in a bowl. now take mother care baby lotion or you can add any lotion in it. 1 teaspoon first you need to add 2 teaspoon of lotion in it and mix it well. then add 2 more teaspoons in it. if you want to give it a whitening look then you can also add white color lotion in it. 3 4 now i have added 4 teaspoon of lotion in the honey. now i will mix it well so it will get a creamy texture. now i will start its preparation.i will add it in a bigger bowl. i will add it in a container. now i will leave it to get hard because it will get hard after half an hour.after getting hard, i will tell you that how you will use it. our honey face care and body massage cream is ready. you can add any lotion in lace of baby lotion that you noramlly use at home. viewers, you can see that cream has got hard. now i will tell you how to use it, you need to keep it in wash besan. whenever you want to wash your hands you will use this one. you need to take small quantity of this cream. now it it on palm of your hand. now make foaming on your this way, if you want to make more foaming then you can add more soap in it. so in this way, first you need to massage it. viewres, when you will use it for the first time, you will get surprised. that how wonderful result have you got on your face. you need to massage it for one minute. if it get dry and add some water on it and take more cream. after massaging for 1 minutes then wash your hands with normal water. when you will wash it for the first time you will get surprised that how wonderful result you have got on your face. viewers, let me tell you one thing that you need must to do the patch test first. if it does not suit you then you can use it for you hand, feet or any part of the body. it will make your skin instant white and glowy. viewers you should try it at home and get wonderful results from it. it is a very good cream and you should must try it at home. viewers, if you liked my video, then subscribe to my channel and people who have already subscribed i am very thankful to you we will meet with a new video . Allah Hafiz

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