hey guys welcome back to today’s video and another episode in glamglow week we’re testing every single glam glow face mask you can ever dream of so whether you stumbled upon this video all on its own or you’re watching it as part of a series don’t forget to check out every other glamglow mask review I’ve done i’ll link them all around you up here and especially in the description box down below so far this week we’ve already tried to the youthmud supermud thirstymud and today I’m most excited for the fifth and final glamglow gravitymud this mask is actually so popular right now guys that is completely sold out on they did a really cool sonic the hedgehog that really just drove people wild they’ve also gone wild for the original but now both are completely sold out online like always I’ll link it on amazon in the description box down below this mask is a peel off mask it dries down to a really brilliant chrome face mask it is super cool and it’s really going to help address that the loss of elasticity and help increase firmness and that contour shape which I will die for this product actually helps to tighten tone and contour your face alright let’s jump right into the demo and tutorial part of the glamglow gravitymud mask i have been saving this mask for last because i am so excited to try it i’ve seen so many youtubers use this i haven’t used before but I have got extremely high hopes and can we just say again like every glamglow package it is a unique shape different from all the rest this purple color is just calling my name i’m obsessed with purple and of course the holographic foil here is just the icing on the cake oh my gosh it’s backwards oh but what a beautiful message oh we purple pearl of my heart is not the best thing you have ever seen and like every single and low mass that I’ve mentioned so far it is on the higher price point you get 50 grams in here for around sixty dollars but like I said every single glamglow mask is a professional at-home spa experience the products definitely have a great reputation and I can’t wait to try this one alright I’m going to go in with this cute little glamglow blush that actually came with the mask we’re going to apply a generous layer to my entire face and let it dry down for about 20 minutes it feels so luxurious and it smells amazing it’s not like I’m on a beach on vacation i am someone call up Dorothy because the Tin Man is coming through this smells like a coconut dream like every glamglow mask this is starting to burn and tingle almost instantly i said this before i’m not a huge fan of that sensation but to get the results i’ll put up with it though it is actually starting to get hot it’s starting to heat up it feels like a if you like it actually feels like hell on my face this mask does contain a visit tight which is affirming matrix developed by glam glow that delivers tighter looking skin there’s also the t-oxy complex in here mixed with licorice for firmer looking skin complexion there’s a bunch of different hyaluronic acids and clays are going to give you a more youthful appearance alright my face is still on fire it is tingling almost as much if not more than the tingle and exfoliate treatment which I was not prepared for is a really cooling sensation smell still feels delicious but when I let’s just ride on my skin for 20 minutes alright guys it’s been 20 minutes and this mask is totally dry down my face is feeling extra tot starting to tickle around the edges here i’m going to go ahead and zoom you in it will peel it off together you just want to go ahead and loosen all of the edges before you give it a nice good peel off that was so easy to come off are just like that comeback for wiping off the last bit of mask on my face I’ve got to say guys this is my absolute favorite glamglow mask i’m obsessed with how glowing my skin looks my pores looks so much smaller to my nose area my skin just has that shine like girl I’m shining like the Chrysler Building or like that that wing thing on the front of a rolls-royce like thing being my face is glowing i’m obsessed i can’t recommend this glamglow mask enough it works even better than glamglow flashmud brightening reatment for leaving an iridescent on my skin my skin looks way more luminous after this mask than it did with that one now this might be all in my head but my skin it does feel a lot more taut especially from my cheek area I can’t really tell if my skin looks more contoured I don’t know can you guys tell but overall my skin is shining my pores look reduced my skin feels alive and that’s all I can ask for so please give this video a big thumbs up if you love glamglow gravitymud mud mask if you’ve tried it before it let me know in the comments down below I’m always open to hearing everyone’s opinion and trials let me know and don’t forget to check out all of my glamglow reviews i will link them in cards all around here but they’re all linked in the description box below and like always you can keep up with me on instagram snapchat Twitter until the next video guys

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  • Great video as usual Trevor! I love glamglow masks!
    Many Greek kisses! Myron

  • your personality is so addicting! I need to try this mask, but scared of hell on my face LOL also how do you get that glow on the wall behind you? no one on yt will tell me 😣 keep up the awesummmness I subbed 🙃

  • Luv ur video I luv to try glamglow pr💓☮️oducts but I can't afford it 😚

  • i love how you did the reviews, and i want to get some of these masks! i have a concern though, does the mask hurt, or make your face breakout or anything?

  • What is the best time to apply this mask, morning or night. And could you please let me know the proper steps prior to using the mask. Before/after shower? Cleanse prior? Also I just got this for a special on $39.99 😀

  • Hi Trevor , great review I must say. Will definitely buy the gravity after watching your videos. Cheers.

  • I don't understand why no one does it under the eye. It's totally safe under the eye and that is where the results are most dramatic.

  • How do you not have more subscribers and views?? Underrated

  • Is this one and thirsty mud good for prepping skin before makeup application?

  • is it me or does the silver peel off mask smell like danimals

  • 💖💖💖 🎈🎈 🙏🏻 👍🏻 Great job! This is really fantastic! Friend, recommend videos daily to help reach more people. It's free and it's our passion to help.
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  • Trevor have you review galactic cleanse? ? won't use till I see your review xx

  • Trevor thanks for the review. Please keep them coming . I just subscribed to your channel . One more viewer 🙋🏻‍♂️. And sooo excited to try this product out . I have been using glamglows brightening mask and absolutely love it. Thanks again xo

  • By removing the mask it should be pulled up from bottom to top.

  • I am gifting this to someone and I feel really good about it after watching your video.. I hope she loves it as much as you do ❤️ thank you for this review

  • This is an old video but I just wanted to let you know that I just found your channel and I’m in LOVE with it!!! The way you review products with such detail and passion, all while keeping it short and to the point, is astonishing!! Just subscribed and look forward to more great videos from you!!!

  • but you miss the point! it is supposed to be a 'lift & firm mask'! does it do the job of lifting & firming?????? that is the question to be answered

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