Get rid of PIMPLE,ACNE,ACNE MARKS| Get FAIR GLOWING healthy skin 100% just in 3 days|SANIA SKINCARE

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel in this video, I’ll be sharing with you a wonderful recipe To remove your pimples acne acne marks and make your skin look healthy and glowy Without doing any further delay, let’s get started with the video The first ingredient we need is chickpea flour or besan one teaspoon And then you need wild Turmeric or the local turmeric available in your kitchen around 1/4 teaspoon here I am using wild turmeric as it is very good for your skin, but towards the sensitive skin use only one pinch of normal turmeric The next ingredient here is a ripe tomato, press the tomato with the help of your fingers to make it pulpy Cut the tomato and squeeze out the pulp into another Bowl Now strain the pulp and add it into the previous ingredients and mixing all the ingredients really well chickpea flour and turmeric both are very good ingredients to fare up your skin And Tomato contains glycolic acid which will help to dry out your pimples and remove them out as well as fades out the acne scars apply this paste directly onto the pimple as shown in the video or you can apply all over the face and Keep it for around 30 minutes Till the face pack completely dries up As you can see it has completely dried up now wash it off with warm water and see the result Apply this pack once in a day for better results. Thank you guys for watching my video Don’t forget to Like comment share and subscribe to my channel. Bye

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