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everybody, and welcome back to another video all
returning Team Acne members and new viewers alike,
my name is Brian Turner. If you haven’t heard of me before, I’ve dealt with extremely
severe acne in the past and it’s left me with some acne scarring. So today I want to explain to you exactly what you can do for your acne scarring. From professional treatments which tend to be a bit pricier, to
actual at home treatments which are much cheaper and
still are very effective. First let’s go through the
professional treatments. I just wanna jump right into the video because so many acne
videos have so much fluff before you actually get
to what you wanna know. So the ones that we’re gonna be covering are Retin-A, chemical peels, derma and microdermabrasion, lasers, and augmentation and fillers. So starting with the first one, you might have heard of this before, maybe not. It’s called Retin-A and this is something that you have to get as a prescription, so that does provide a barrier, you do have to go see your doctor to get this. Basically what it is is
a vitamin A derivative and it takes off the top layer of skin and allows the new layers of skin to grow back and hopefully grow back at a more constant level
so that the surface of your skin becomes more even over time. Next up is chemical peels, and we’ve all heard of chemical peels. There are lower level lighter intensity chemical peels which is AHA Acid, but then there are the most intense ones which is generally the
ones that you’re gonna get when you go get a professional treatment which is TCA which is trichloroacetic acid I believe, if I’ve said that correctly. But I’ve heard people on
both sides of the fence where some people say that it’s worked really well for them and some people say that they haven’t seen
any difference at all. Now this next one is called dermabrasion and microdermabrasion which are actually two different things which I didn’t know back in the day, and you
may not know this either ’cause a lot of us hear dermabrasion and we think of that spinning brush. But basically yeah, you’ve seen those. You use them in the shower and stuff. That’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the
professional level treatment. So the dermabrasion treatment
is somewhere around, the average in 2018
was $1,200 per session, that’s pretty intense,
but basically they use a little tool that basically
is sanding your face, so they’re just slowly
going piece by piece over your face, and it’s
sanding that top layer of skin off of your face and making way for the new layer of skin to grow, theoretically of course,
back at a more constant surface level so that you
have less of those acne scars. The second version is the
microdermabrasion version, and this is a completely different thing, so it’s kinda weird that they
have the same kinda name. This is kinda crazy
sounding, but basically what they’re gonna do
is they’re going to take a little instrument and go over your face and it shoots little tiny crystal pieces into your face, and then
it goes and sucks them back up through a little vacuum. So those little pieces
going into your face are going to create
very small little holes, and then it sucks it back
out, and now the holes are generally at an even
depth so that the collagen and the skin grows back
at a similar level. And you’ll notice that
most of these treatments are doing the exact same thing. They’re just trying to
cause you to grow new skin at a similar level so that your surface isn’t quite so bumpy, but rather uniform. Next up with the dermapen, and I think I actually forgot to mention this in the beginning summary, but the dermapen is the one that I personally got. This is the one that my dermatologist recommended for me at
the time instead of laser which we’ll get to in a second. But basically dermapen, the simplest way that I can put it is it’s “basically” like a tattoo gun but without the ink. It’s just a needle that, well a bunch of needles actually, that are just going up and down, up and down, up and down, and it is just piercing your skin again ‘causing holes to be at the same depth level; which then
causes your collagen and your skin regrowth to
be at an even surface level. This one is one that
you definitely do need to do a series of, you
don’t just do one session, and for me I personally
had three sessions. These were $350 each, but that is because they gave me a discount
because of social media. In general they were
charging $500 per session, so for the re-sessions
you would be doing $1,500. And this is the only
one other than Retin-A that I have actually
done out of this list, and so this is the only one that I can give my personal experience on. I personally felt like it did pretty good, but I felt like it took a long time to actually see the results. Even after I did the third session, it wasn’t like I a couple days later looked in the mirror
and I was like oh okay, now I see that area is
a little bit lighter and this area, I literally
didn’t see anything and I kinda didn’t really
feel like it did much. But around probably six
to nine months later, that’s when I started
to see the differences. And that is when people were mentioning that they had seen a difference
in my acne scars as well. Now next up is laser, and this is probably one that you’ve heard of when you look at professional treatments for acne scars. Laser comes in a bunch of different ways, of lasers, so there is
CO2, there’s Fraxel, there’s a couple different
types of treatments, and there’s different laser treatments that are for different reasons. There are some for resurfacing and for causing your acne
scars to become even. There are also acne scar laser treatments that are based more on the dark color hyperpigmentation, I’ve learned. So you definitely need to DYOR, do your own research, on all of these, but especially with the laser one because there are so many
different types of them. This is the one that I was actually planning on doing myself from when I had Googled through all this
stuff, but when I saw my dermatologist she
was like with your type of acne scars, from looking at you, I think you would do better with dermapen than you would with lasers, so I suggest doing your own research, but then also consulting with your dermatologist before you actually go through with this. Now the last one on this list, you may or may not have heard of this one, this one I feel like
looks the most drastic when you actually see it being performed. This is called augmentation and fillers. So basically what this entails is if you had your skin like this,
and then you say the holes, the acne scars kinda look like this right? What they basically do is they put an instrument under your skin and then wiggle it around pretty
intensely to detach your skin, or loosen your skin, from the
subcutaneous fat underneath. Now they can add a filler
underneath that hole and they can fill that
hole in so that they artificially will fill
in your holes instead of trying to simulate collagen
to fill in those holes. This is for people, I’m assuming, who have much, much, much, much deeper acne scars than the average person
where a general treatment that’s gonna cause more collagen growth still wouldn’t cut it to actually even out the surface of your skin. So those are the
professional level treatments that I’ve researched and generally are the most commonly practiced. I wanted to make this part of the video so that you can check those out further, and just give you a base level of those, but you can go and look much deeper and kinda understand what they are. Generally these are relatively expensive. For the majority of people
who watch my acne channel, a lot of you guys are much younger. 15 to 25, something like that. So you don’t generally have
a lot of money to spend. For me, when I heard the price for the laser I was like $2,000? No chance I would be able to do that. Now that leads me to this
second half of this video because again, I know
some of you can’t afford this professional level
treatment, and a lot of you are wondering are there
any at home products or remedies or anything,
treatments that you can do that can help your acne scars. If you’re new to my channel
you probably don’t know this, but if you’ve followed me for a long time, you know I’m very skeptical
about acne products. I’m very much so a hater of products that claim to be able to “cure your acne” like every product out there. “Just follow this three step system “and you’ll have clear
skin with no changes “in your diet or your life or anything.” I think so many of them are just trying to make money off of
people, and so I’m always skeptical about companies
that reach out to me. I actually had a company reach out to me about acne scar treatments,
which is something different ’cause it’s usually people claiming to be able to clear your acne. So I did a lot of research
into their ingredients that this company uses before I actually got back in contact
with them, and the thing I really liked about them is that they use a lot of ingredients
that I’ve talked about many times in the past,
like vitamin C serum, to actually be able to
scientifically address your discoloration and your acne scars. This is the reason I started having a conversation with them. I’ve been using their
products for a little bit, over a year now, and from
looking through their products, looking at the ingredients
and the scientific studies that actually back those ingredients, this is one of the best
systems that you can do at home to take care of your scars and actually see a difference. I’ve also looked up tons of reviews, tons of video reviews, and from my personal experience as well, I’ve see a lot of really great things where a lot of people are saying this is causing huge differences in my acne scars. If you guys can see on my face, I don’t really have severe acne scars. Like I said earlier, I really don’t want to put out any products out there that I don’t believe in,
that I haven’t vetted, that I haven’t looked
through the ingredients, that I haven’t done research on, and this is a company
that I actually have. They are called Banish Acne Scars. You might have seen them around, they are relatively popular, and they dealt with me e-mailing
them back and forth, back and forth, asking
for the ingredient list, asking for scientific studies, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and I saw nothing but good
things in their ingredients. I asked the CEO, the owner of the company, to sit down with me and
talk through their products so that you guys can see
what the breakdown is of the ingredients in there, and I’m also going to be showing you
guys some scientific studies that back up the ingredients that they are using in their products. So I definitely encourage you
to check out their products, the link will be in the description below, but I’m also gonna jump over now to the conversation that me and Daisy, her name is Daisy, had about the products. Thank you guys for checking
this out and I hope you enjoy. I am here with Daisy, the owner of Banish. – Hi. – Thank you for sitting down with me. I really appreciate it. – Thank you so much. – When someone’s purchasing
Banish, what is the goal? – So the goal for Banish is
to remove the acne scarring. So right now on the market
there’s not too much that you can do to treat the acne scars. You can go to lasers, you can go to medical spas and do microneedling. – Yeah, like the pro treatments. – Or the vampire facial, but those are $1,000, $2,000, a lot of downtime, a lot of healing process right? So microneedling is a really great way to get rid of the pigment and also flatten out the scars afterwards. It’s a beginner step before you would do the vampire facial, so
it’s the thing you do before then so you can see
if the results work for you. – That’s a good way to put it. – Yeah. For Banish, the needle
length is really short, but it will induce collagen in the skin. So .5 is a length that
will build the collagen without inducing unnecessary trauma. You do the vampire, they
go at two and a half, two and a half, three millimeters down. – You’ve got the numbers down. (laughing) – This is what I do for a living, so. – Yeah. – So sometimes it’s
unnecessary to actually draw blood, but it’s for
that “Hollywood” effect. People think– – You get the Instagram selfie. – Yeah, if I get blood all
over my face it’s gonna work, but actually deeper isn’t always better. I did the vampire facial and I actually didn’t really see the
results I would have thought I would’ve gotten, so try
it all and see what works, but this is a great introductory product if you wanna figure out how to get rid of your scars at home naturally. – So the one thing I
really wanted to know, ’cause I like to know
people’s story, I like to know the reasons that they’re doing things. Why did you start Banish? – I love that question ’cause I could do a whole monologue about
it, but short story, I’ve had acne all my life. It is my number one biggest
physical insecurity. I have the worst skin ever. I have psoriasis, I have
eczema, I have dermatitis. Anything you can think of, my skin has always been, I’ve
been traumatized by it. When I was younger I
tried everything out there on the market and nothing
seemed to work for my skin. And what I thought was more traumatizing than the actual acne was this feeling of I’m not worthy because
my skin isn’t perfect. And I think society sells
us this image of perfection. If you buy this product, it’ll disappear. If you do this, it’ll disappear. And I’ve never wanted to make anyone feel like they need to be perfect to belong or to have value. Because I cannot guarantee
that these products, or any other products,
will cure your skin 100%. That’s just not the reality right? There’s so many different factors of what causes skin and acne issues. It’s diet, it’s genetics,
it’s environment, it’s skin care, it’s all of that. So I always want to tell people you always have to fix the confidence and love yourself regardless
of how bad your skin is. Because even if your skin does clear up, you’re still gonna have to deal with yourself in the mirror right? – Yup, yup. – People think once I have clear skin everything in my life will change. The reality is you still
have to face those demons. – Right. – Even though my skin is so much better than it was 10 years ago,
I still have these issues that I still need to
work on, so I just wanna tell everyone be kind to yourself. Use good products for your skin. When I was going through
acne I tried everything, like I would layer on
that 10% benzoyl peroxide. – Oh yeah, yeah. – I would take all those antibiotics, I would do the Retin-A, all that stuff. It ruined my skin, it made it worse. It’s not about putting more products, it’s not about being harsh to your skin. I never intended to start
a skin care company. – Oh really? – This whole thing happened by accident. But it was really something
that worked for me, that people wanted to buy,
then it just spiraled. But I’ve always been I need to stay true to the mission and the values, and it’s not about the way you look. It’s never about the way you look right? It’s about the way you
feel about yourself. – That’s facts. So can we talk about the actual products and kinda break them down? – Okay, so our most popular
product is the Banish Kit. So this is our microneedling
stamper with a vitamin C serum. Okay, so this is the
Banisher, this took about two and a half years in the
making, but this is basically a microneedling stamper device. On the bottom there are 24 karat-plated titanium little needles,
so when you stamp it onto your face it will create tiny holes which will force the collagen and elastin in your skin to rebuild itself. Gold is really good for promoting
collagen growth as well. This Banish oil, we
actually make this fresh. It contains pure L-Ascorbic Acid. If you do your studies, L-Ascorbic Acid is really the most effective way to get vitamin C into your skin. – [Brian] This is what a lot
of people call vitamin C serum. – Yeah, vitamin C serum, exactly. – Okay, cool. – We just named it the Banish oil because people started calling it the oil, but it is a vitamin C serum. It has vitamin C, vitamin
E, and ferulic acid too. The SkinCeutical serum has that, a lot of the top vitamin C serums have some kind of combination of that, but we make ours fresh,
so if you order yours Monday morning at 5 AM, we’ll be making it in the office like 9 AM
and then shipping it out. – Oh that’s cool. – Because vitamin C, if
you open it and you put it next to light in the air,
it’ll degrade over time. – Yeah, when I saw this product I was really excited because you guys have heard me say for
years vitamin C serum is one thing that you should look into for your acne scars,
but also discoloration. – I will say, you will see the next day the pigment of the scars are gonna fade. That will happen. It’s much harder to treat the actual texture of the skin, that you have to do over and over again multiple times, but the pigmentation, it just goes away. – Yeah, so that was one of the things that when I saw this product lineup I was like that’s awesome, that’s actually backed up by science
and I’ve seen it happen a bazillion times, so that
is an awesome product. – So this our pumpkin enzyme mask. This is really good ’cause it
has glycolic acid in there. And what glycolic acid does is it helps slough off the skin cells. So when you get acne,
it’s because you have a clogged pore with dead
skin cells and sebum and it grows into this big pimple right? So what you wanna do is prevent
the acne from happening. You wanna slough off the dead skin cells, so it’s important to either exfoliate or to just make sure you’re constantly replenishing and renewing your skin. So this is a really great
natural way to do this. All of our products are natural, there’s no parabens or sulfates or mineral oils or petroleum ingredients. It’s like that, it
smells like pumpkin pie. – Smells like you could eat it. (laughing) – Yeah, smells like you could eat it. – Don’t. – And it kinda tingles because that’s the glycolic acid working in your pores and just sloughing off
the dead skin cells. People also really love this product. – These two products, when I saw them, I was really excited about them because again, I’ve
seen scientific studies for so long about this,
and you’ve already seen what I mentioned here in
this video, but these two I was like yes, going with the science. Not just doing a bunch
of pseudo-weird stuff. – Then I have the vitamin C beauty elixir. So you wanna definitely hydrate
and moisturize your skin, but I don’t wanna add
anything that’s gonna irritate the skin, so none of our products have alcohol which irritates
my skin and dries it out. If you are gonna use a spray of some sort on your skin, just make sure
to read the ingredients. Make sure it doesn’t have
alcohol ’cause it does help it evaporate faster, but it’s
gonna dry out your skin. We have our all clear mint cleanser, this is our newest product. I don’t know if you’ve tried it. – [Brian] I don’t think I’ve had it yet. – Okay, so this, I was so
damn picky about cleansers. I want something that foams
but doesn’t have sulfates, and I want it not to strip away, but I also want it to be minty. I had all these criteria and it was super super difficult to get
it exactly what I wanted. This, we’re like 95%
there, and I’ll be honest, it’s a little more watery
than I would like it to be, but it’s still my favorite
of all we’ve tried. I wanted something that
was minty and natural and would clean, but
without stripping away the oils from your skin, I didn’t want my skin to feel tight afterwards. This is, yeah, my favorite cleanser. I love minty stuff, it just wakes you up. – Yeah, it does feel
good on your skin right? – Yeah. Lastly we have the activated
charcoal clay masque. This has activated
charcoal, and all you do is you add a few spritz of the elixir or witch hazel or apple cider vinegar, whatever you want, mix it up, you put it wherever you have large pores. So activated charcoal’s really great ’cause activated charcoal’s like a magnet for dirt and oil and
all that, so it really gets all that gunk out of your face. It’s a natural way to do that. – So there you have it guys. I really wanted to sit down
with Daisy and have her actually give you a
little bit more insight because obviously she knows
way more about this than I do. I’ve been using the products for just a little bit under a year. I really like them. I had obviously done
my research into them, I really liked them, and I
wanted to sit down with you. – Oh thank you so much. – Thank you for doing that. – Thank you for having me. – If you guys are interested in them, you can get them by using
the link under this video. They’ll also just be in the description of all the videos from
now on, and then also the discount code will be BRIAN5 so you can see that below here. You guys can check them out. Like she said, they’re worldwide. So yeah, try them out. If you don’t like them, that’s okay. There’s no risk here. All right, so a little
bit of a longer video, but I wanted to go in depth, I wanted to leave no detail untouched. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy it, make sure you give it a big thumbs up, make sure you subscribe if you’re not subscribed already, Remember you are beautiful,
you are not alone, and you are part of Team Acne. See you guys in the next video. – Bye. (electropop music)

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