Get Rid Of Acne From Face, Chest And Back In Just 5 Days/Miracle Drink

Starting with the name of ALLAH the most beneficent
and merciful. Aslamu Alaikum, welcome back to my channel beauty i will tell
how you can get rid of your face and body pimples or acne within 5 days.for that, we need ajowan,
need to clean ajowan properly and you need one glass of need to add one teaspoon
of ajowan in one glass of water and keep it in water overnight.remember, you do not need
to boil ajwain in water but just mix it like this.then you need to cover it for whole
morning you can filter the mixture. as you can see the color of water has
don’t need to boil this only need to filter it and drink it empty stomach every will not reduce the acne and pimples but your complexion will be also get improved.remember,
you only need to drink it for 5 days. after drinking it for 5 days you need to leave it should not take it again until 15 will notice that your face has
cleared quite much after 15 days.but if you don’t feel any difference then you need to
take it again for 5 days.but you won’t feel the need and you need to take it for 5 days
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