Get Clear Skin In Days | 3 Steps To End Acne

Well there must be something out there that will work to give me clear skin? in a few days? I mean I’m trying everything and it’s not working! There has to be something out there! I want to look good, I want to feel good about myself, and I don’t want to worry about what my skin looks like! If that’s you, I have the answer for you in this video so you are definitely in the right place. So keep on watching! Well hey everybody. Welcome back to the channel. I’m very pleased that you’re here today and this is a really special video because it gets to the heart of the feelings about, and dealing with, acne breakouts. And everybody wants an answer right away and we’re gonna give you some some steps today that are gonna help you get clear skin in just days if you’re new please be sure and subscribe I’m Chris Gibson this is Chris Gibson live where we help you look good feel good and live good and a whole ton of videos on acne that I do simply because I suffered with that problem for so so long and I like everybody else tried everything and was looking for something that would work so the principles that I’m gonna talk about in this video today which is going to be very long but it’s straight out to you straight out to you the principles that I use to get clear skin and they’re they’re very very simple so if that’s something that you’re interested in hit the like button and let’s talk about this okay the first one that I have to talk to you about our products and the products that you use have a whole lot to do with the health of your skin and creating new breakouts a lot of products today that you get on the market you use them they have some effect you get some clearing and then you seem to get back to the normal breakouts or sometimes they’re even worse and the reason for that is a lot of products are just too harsh when you have acne skin you have sensitive skin it took me a really long time to learn the part that products we’re playing in this because no one wants to admit that you spent a ton of money on products that don’t work and believe me I know those of you watching me and those of you who have followed me for a long time you know I bitch about this because stuff is so frickin expensive and then it doesn’t work so I get it that’s the drawer of no return you know with the stuff you won’t throw away because you spend so much money on it I get it so products what you do is you look for products that are non drying that are that’s like face wash that’s made with glycerin or it’s for botannical it doesn’t have salt fights it doesn’t have sulfates in it it doesn’t have tons of salicylic acid generally speaking if you’re using a product that is slated for acne care or acne whatever ditch it for now okay it’s not working or you wouldn’t be listening to this video so let’s put that one aside and let’s use products design for that like a vino is good Neutrogena has a sensitive skin watch any of those I have my own clear revolution face wash the point is using a product that’s not going to over dry your skin but going to get the oil bacteria and dirt off of there every day so that you don’t have more breakouts that’s first the secondary I’m going to talk to you about and I’m going to be as honest as I can here is diet and I can actually hear the groans out there coming through the camera to me diet no one wants to think about the diet as such a huge role in your health overall how could it not impact your skin how could it not do that your skin’s your largest organ it tells you when things aren’t going right doctors can look at you when you come into the doctor’s office and tell if you have appetite Asst from the whites of your eyes and the color of your skin so your skin is a big barometer of your health diet I’m going to make this super easy take a week any week planned for it plan it out you don’t just started today but a lot of you gonna go try to start it today you’re really gonna like this it’s easy take out dairy take out sugar take out refined processed foods potato chips all that stuff take it out of your diet and go green for a week you’re gonna have lean meats like chicken our fish no red meat no dairy that’s no eggs – none of that stuff take it out for a week and gauge how your skin does now the first couple days you’re not going to notice the evening but as you go through the week you are going to see changes and you’re gonna find out that your diet plays a part is one of the triggers and break out so do that especially if you’ve tried everything and nothing else is working seven days cut the stuff out the next thing I want to talk about is exfoliation and it is probably the cornerstone the keystone of everything I’ve ever taught over the last 20 almost 25 years to my clients about caring for their skin it is two skin care what counting calories and understanding the math is – weight loss for those of you who know what I’m talking about you have to get the old skin off when you’re younger it’s a little faster in your teens it’s a little faster but as you get older it slows down and by the time we’re 30 it’s taking several days for skin cells to die and turn over and fall off so you want to speed that process up the way you do that is using a really great scrub gentle scrub some sort of exfoliation mechanical device whatever is you like there are all kinds of those out there microdermabrasion devices you can buy I recommend a buff puff sponge it is the thing that I’ve been using it was recommended to me by my dermatologist way back in the day I still use them clients that use them find these work very very well you simply use it every day it’s a light you use it this place of a washcloth or your fingers and it lightly gently buffs off those dead skin cells in there all kinds of knockoff brands you don’t have to pay the $5 for the buff up there plenty of Swiffer Swiss that’s my first swiffers the thing you does sweat Switzer’s which is dubbed SW is ser that’s a brand that’s out there there’s the walnut sponge all of those those things will likely lift that skin off and I suggest you use them all over your body because it’s really really great to get that off then you just follow that with a good moisturizer that’s oil-free with an A H a component alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid by doing that you speed up cellular turnover that keeps that dead skin off your face that’s been building up from the acne products you’re using keeps those pores open keeps that oil out of there the bacteria off of there and you’re gonna see a huge improvement I’m telling you these are the three things that I did back in the day I did an Apple fast for three days but it was a food vacation you can do the same thing by doing what I’m telling you here and because you stuck around there’s a link to a clear skin god I’m gonna put in the video description box below there’s gonna be very very helpful to you I’m gonna put a couple of videos right over here that are also gonna follow up with food triggers for acne and how to exfoliate so be sure you check those out and if you found this video information helpful please like it comment in the comments below share it out so that people learn about this and if you haven’t subscribed please do so and stick around because I have lots of information for you you can pal around the channel and find and so hit that little notification bell and come find me on the next two

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