Friends Try The Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

– Bubble clay mask. – What? – Don’t know what in the hell that means. – [Voiceover] Oh, the clay mask. – I hope it bubbles
like lava on our faces. – Yeah, I want it to be like Alka Seltzer. – I want to feel it yeah. But I know with the clay
mask I kinda do like the fact that they tighten. I would love to have
something unclog my pores. – Yes. – It’s an interesting consistency. I wasn’t expecting that. When you put it on is like
when you feel the bubbles. – Oh it’s, oh my God it’s foaming. It’s so like light. But also thick. – You can feel the foam a little bit. It tickles like there’s a
little spider on my face. – You know when you’re a kid and you like put the bubbles on your face
to be like Santa and stuff? That’s exactly what this is. – This is exactly what it looks like. You look like a Muppet. I know I do too. Howdy do. Howdy do dee do. I hope it foams like past my face. – It goes out to here and you’re just like
trying to see through it. I guess after five
minutes you’re supposed to massage it into your skin to get off the dirt. It kind of is making it go back to how it felt before it bubbled up. I feel like if we just wait
it’ll just refoam up again. – That’s what I think is gonna happen. It never stops. Look at what an idiot
I look like right now. – Yeah this is definitely the craziest mask I have ever done. – It’s extremely hard to take off. And it just keeps foaming up. Was it worth the trouble
that we went through? I’m not sure. – The cool thing about
it was it actually like does something so you feel
like oh somethings happening. I mean, my skin feels soft. But it’s just such a mess. I would want to do this if then I was about to take a shower afterwards. I’m gonna go with a six. – I totally agree with that. If you just want to do
a quick little facial this is not the one. I’m not sure if it unclogged my pores but my skin feels good. It feels tighter. I feel like I can’t
even really move my face as well as I want to. – If you’re midway through
and the doorbell rings, you’re pizza delivery guy’s there. Like you’re not answering the door with this on your face.

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