Freeman Charcoal And Black Sugar Gel Mask Scrub + First Impressions, REVIEW, & Demonstration

hi guys welcome back to my channel I
forgot to film an intro so let me not be rude and say hello and welcome if you’re
new so now that we’ve gotten that out the way let’s go ahead and begin so
today’s video is over the black sugar and charcoal scrub the directions say to
wet the face and neck and then go ahead and apply the sugar scrub so as you can
tell that’s what I’m doing as you watch the video I’ll go ahead and tell you
what this whole mask claims to do it says that it’s a dual action purifying
mask it’s for all skin types it has no parabens pollution or de breeze and it
claims it’s a wonder skin can breathe whatever that means
but this unique mass and scrub works double time to detox skin first it says
it naturally purifies with the activated charcoal to help absorb oil and
impurities and then with the black sugar it helps exfoliate away dull skin cells
for softness and clarity so it claims that this scrub is going to soften your
skin and detox I can agree with that I love this mask I give it a ten out of
ten my skin felt absolutely soft at the end and I just love it
again I would recommend this it was only about four dollars at Ulta and I loved
it I now use it in my daily skincare routine and I think anybody can use it
because it says it’s for all skin types I know my skin felt really moisturized
at the end and I hope it does the same for you
again thank you for watching don’t forget to subscribe like and comment I’m
sorry that this video was so short but I’m feeling under the weather but I did
want to have a video out for you guys and until next time love you bye

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