already beautiful? and fresh? how’s my scars doing? Hi guys my name is Gracia for returning viewers welcome back to my channel today we will talk about my experience with Co2 Laser Fractional laser is an invasive treatment for skin problems this is basically what happens so there’s a wand connected to the machine that they hover over your face and it emits light beams it heats up your dermis dermis is the second layer of the skin, first layer is called epidermis demis has all the they’re all in the dermis. There’s basically 3 layers to our skin what happens when the dermis gets targeted by a laser? it gives a sunburn effect the difference is that with laser is that only certain parts get burned and the healthy skin surrounding that burnt area helps the skin to produce collagen collagen is naturally found in our body younger people have higher collagen in their body and it lessens as we age that explains why we don’t get massive scar when we were young the older you get the higher chances of getting scars fractional co2 laser is used by individuals who have skin problems uneven skin tone shallow depressed scars it smoothens your face and tightens pores I actually didn’t understand what pores was until I got a laser treatment done I talked about my ance journey on my other videos if you’ve seen it I neglected my skin I accumulated dark spots I didn’t make an effort to even lighten them until I saw a lot of clinics here that offers discounted treatments I went to one close to where we live, it costs $600 but on 50% off I had my skin consulted then I booked an appointment they initially gave me a doxycyclin it cost it’s expensive but that’s the cost of beauty then they gave me an oral sunblock so this was it I took this prescription as needed prior to the treatment they said, as I can’t have a burnt face I’m not sure if it’s really necessary or just part of their hard selling scheme I didn’t actually utilize all of it as I barely get out of the house at that time if I do I made sure I’m covered up so I only use it when I go on a holiday on my appointment date they had me lay down in a room put a numbing cream on my face then proceeded to transfer me to the next room after 30 mins a doctor then started doing the procedure it was quick I thought it lasted for only 10 or 15 mins while the laser wand is on my face there’s another wand blasting cold air to my face simultaneously probably to ease the burning sensation the whole procedure was fast then they put a mask right after it gave me a significant relief my face cooled down after the treatment my face got red as moments passed but it wasn’t as painful the next day there was an intermittent needle stabbing sensation which lasted about 5 days I’m about to show you my day to day progress it was red and painful it didn’t hurt as much and scabbing start to surface and they’re microscopic (exaggeration) my pimples were still there laser treatment tends to irritate active acne hence it’s not advisable my clogged pores are still visible as well as my pimples though it seemed like it tamed a lil bit no changes pimples tamed and flattened and marks have lighten acne marks were still red my skin smoothen here my skin has lightened as scabbing fell off laser treatment also has a lightening effect my pores are unclogged pimples have flattened and marks have turned red though there’s still a lot of dark spots it wasn’t as bad as earlier I broke out a lil bit I still have dark spots I also doubted my decision to go thru the treatment but I think it ended up ok Because I barely broke out since already beautiful? and fresh? how’s my acne marks doing are there still visible spots 6 months after just a reminder don’t go under treatment if you have active acne as it tends to get worse I was just stubborn that time all in all I think it’s worth it, though it won’t give you instant result I have a friend (may she rest in peace) who has done it once and her skin looked amazing she has a lighter skin and laser works best on lighter skin tone I also know two people who went thru laser they were on advanced age but they looks so young I know you can get it cheaper in Philippines If I live there I would go for it let me know how much it costs in your country and let me know how it worked for you

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