Foundation Routine For Acne | How To Cover Pimples, Scars, Cystic Acne, Blackheads & Oil

Hey everyone today I am going to show you how I
do my foundation makeup routine. I am the most self-conscious person about my acne.
I have told you about my acne so many times I have always gone over how terrible it is.
I know it doesn’t look like it But taking my makeup off is one of the
most insecure thing I can do, personally. it’s gotten a lot better which is
sad to say i mean it’s a good thing to say but
it still looks awful. sSo I am going to show you what my face looks
like without makeup um Then I am going to show you how I apply my
foundation so that I look like this. Also, I am in the living room today because i feel it has better lighting then in the other room So tell me if you like this better or if you want me to film videos somewhere else um I hope that this helps you
if you guys have acne or even if you dont and just want flawless skin I hope this works for you. i will not go over blush eyes
or other makeup, I have a contouring and highlighting video you can look at that.
I will post a link But this is just how I do my foundation. And it changes just
about every month Im thinking to keep updating these kind of videos just to show you Hopefully this helps you and hopefully you enjoy
Ill talk to you soon, bye Here I am with no makeup No nothing, no eye makeup and and I feel really disgusting
My nose is clogged up Its way too early um this is probably the most nerve racking
thing that I could possibly do This is my biggest insecurity but this is my face the sad part is that this is a lot better
than it was before It is still all over my chest my back um it is everywhere and you can
see it goes down my neck uh… its all across the side
you can see it on the ear It has been like this and it has gotten a lot better but it’s still really bad so it is my biggest insecurity I am wearing my bathrobe and pajamas
Because sometimes I spill makeup and I don’t want to ruin clothes The first thing I do
because i have extremely oily skin um I take this smashbox antishine and what that does it basically
stops you from getting oily i get oily around my nose around a little bit around my T zone
Im only going to take that much and I will spread this everywhere
I need to be oil free for me thats mainly my nose yeah I usually do it on my nose every day
sometimes my T zone it really depends on where you get shiny
most often Im just trying to get this makeup on
as soon as possible so that you do not have to look at this Take a primer you can use any primer
you can use anything rom sephora to
mac to bare minerals You can use any primer
but for me personally my favorite for a long time
has been veil primer made by hourglass it has sun protection and I put it on my face
and it is just like rubbing pearls into your skin because it’s like velvet
I can rub my face my face all day long and i always carry everything that i
do down my neck just because well I have acne there the next thing I use is foundation and my daily routine
changes probably every month maybe even every week it’s nuts but recently i’ve started
this is november now its december I like the Lorac Foundation
But it is heavy but recently I have been using
where is it I use a couple different things and recently
I have been hooked on these The Makeup For Ever HD Foundation I think these are my all time favorite I think I will use these for the rest of my life
but in a month it will change again I use numbers
125 and 120 I used 130 for a little time but they look like this all you need is 2 squirts and you want to spread that all over your face.
You can dot it on I will scoot closer so you can see I try to dot it on
I use clean fingers to put on foundation many people use brushes. I like brushes
I will do a video with brushes soon, “Soon” I say that funny I will do the video soon
to show you how. But I absolutely love using my fingers
I just feel that it is such better coverage, looks airbrushed
and then I can add layers on top If you want to layer foundation mix it with mac’s fix plus spray
from MAC cosmetics that way it will dry quicker
just put on more layers and again i like very full coverage so we want to blend that in together
and this is color 120 after that I use
color 125 as you can see it is a slightly darker
color and i’m going to put this only on the outer areas on my face
and down my neck the reason why is because the
lighter color is in the middle of the face is really going to highlight that and I always do highlighting and contouring so it adds to the photoshopped flawless effect I like to use a headband
to try to protect my hair line but its way too early in the morning
so I forgot to grab that also make sure you get the bottom of your nose
so you don’t have 5 different colors going on there
I also put foundation on my lips so that I can shape my lips when you shape your lips take a Q TIP wherever the foundation is
it looks like your skin and wherever else it is looks like your
lips I know i look crazy right now but it works really well So I will use Mac’s studio finish concealer in color NC 30 sorry my camera battery died but
basically what I did is use MAC concealer I dotted it on my problem areas
not much on my neck just big pimples on the face I put it on my neck in the past I just emulsify and blended in
using my finger if you use a warm brush or warm finger
it works a lot better and like I said I usually like using my clean
hands with foundation but I will do a video with brushes later Next thing to do is take two different powders to set the foundation
because the foundation is a little bit wet and it makes you look a
little bit oily so what I will do is
start off with brush number 134 and i’ll actually go with two different colors
the first one is Mac NC 5 and i’m going to rub it like this
in a circular motion so I get it on the brush um Im just going to pat the lighter color
pat it over and tilt my head back so it doesn’t spill
and stays on the face and I will pat this on the inner triangle of my face I talk about the triangle of the face in
highlighting and contouring video so if you have not seen it watch it because it is what
I do after foundation yeah but ya basically put this on that part of your face that you need
it to be lightest which is the very middle I tilt my head back so that powder stays there
until it is evenly blended the next thing im using is
smashbox halo this is in the shade of Light and i just got this it is new but I have been using it alot
because I loved the other colors they were out of the other colors so I
have to use color light now but it looks like this and you twist it
twisting it shaves powder off if you can see that basically the powder comes out once you
turn it so you take a bit on top of your brush
and i’m just going to put this all over the outside of my face
this would be the lower cheeks up a little bit on the forehead temple
and all over our neck and chest I will then take one of my favorite powders
it is from the makeup for ever this is the HD micro finish powder
and you should probably put it on with a different brush but Im going to use this one for the sake of
saving brushes because I have to go later today and put makeup on friends for a birthday but as you can see this is just the
finest powder in the entire world it is is just light and fluffy in every way you see that and this is a setting powder and
i’m going to use this to set my foundation and powder because the powders
from mac and smashbox are a little bit thicker so this one is so ultra small
it will get into the spaces that other powders missed and it smells really fresh I don’t know it smells like clean laundry to me that ensures that
our entire face is set mac fix plus spray and I absolutely love
the spray is a dream come true I will hold it a foot or 16 inches away from my face
close eyes and spray “spray noises” “spray noises” “spray noises” Like i recommended you can also mix this with a little bit of foundation you just pump
foundation onto your hand spray it on and mix it with your brush and put it on with a foundation on concealer brush
fI will show you in another video how to do taht and that will help
so that you can layer on more layers
of foundation but that is what I do
I let it dry and Viola, there is it! you have flawless looking skin then I do contouring highlighting blush and eyes
I have other videos on how to do that feel free to look at them if you have not seen them already and then I also use a Q tip to take
foundation off of my lips to chose the shape so that I can control what shape my lips are I show you that in another video called “Lip Shaping” but um..yeah so stay tuned! Click subscribe, the yellow button
it is completely free no charge so you know when I update videos and I hope you enjoyed this
I hope you can have flawless skin too I will post acne updates, products used, and more videos
in the bottom tab. Talk to you soon! Bye!

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    Then boil the kettle and pour hot water into a bowl and add cold water until it's warm enough to be on your face, then wash your hands and put the hot water on your face and put all the water on your face, then put cold water on your face and PAT down your face with a towel.

    Also NEVER touch your face!
    I hope you try this.

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