as you can see, it looks like blood… see? but on my third week, i never thought that this will happen Hi fellow mommy i´m back with another video, and for today´s video we are going to try this The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution Honesty I´ve never heard about this product and this is the first time that i´m going to try this i think it´s a bit interesting because take a look at it it looks like a blood actually this is a facial mask so, i´ve done my research about this peeling solution from The Ordinary Brand the reason why it´s color red is because one of the ingredients used here is a plant called pepper berry it´s actually a red plant and it looks like blueberries actually but the only difference is it´s color red and it helps to prevent skin irritation i don´t know if you´re familiar or just in case you see these formulas like AHA or BHA in your skincare essentials most specially in creams or facial serums So you have to use sunscreen most specially if you use this kind of skincare essentials because of possible skin irritation when we are expose from the sun actually all the information are labeled in box and it also has the product guide and info inside like description of the product so here it is actually, you can read it just in case you want to buy it. actually this is my first time to use acid on my face and i´ve never tried this before. so i´m a bit nervous most specially of the tingling sensation that it has so i´m a bit hesitant at first but,.. you know.. my curriosity grew towards the product and since it has a lot of good reviews about the product like face brightening and it is also good to use during pimple breakouts. so i was convinced finally to try this. actually you can use it twice per week, just twice a week not not everyday, okay? with regards to the application make sure not to exceed 10 minutes on your face after 10 minutes you wash it with luke warm water so at first it caused me a tingling sensation and i did not follow the instructions because i was really scared it may irritate my skin but it was just mild like someone´s mildly pinching my face and i put it on my face for about 4-5 mins and then i washed my face actually it´s a bit similar in puting serum on you face but you have to put a lot amount of it compared to facial serums at first i was not happy with the result i was not really that happy maybe because i did not follow the instructions but on my third week i never thought that the effect will be surreal so as you can see surprisingly my face becomes brighter and i can see the natural glow of my face so i think it can erase blemishes and even melasma mildly i say so because my tiny darkspots most specially in my nose area where i usually prick my pimples are gone actually it looks like i had microneedling procedure the after effect looks like i have blood on my face it looks like that more or less but this one is just mild and microneedling is way different microneedling boosts the production of collagen on your face so you´ll have a glowing and wrinkle free skin actually this one also gives you a wrinkle free and with the small amount goes a long way it´s been 4 weeks well i´ve used this 6 times already and still it looks like i haven´t consume any with my big face? and the most surprising part is it´s very cheap compared to any facial masks/serums i think this one costs 7 euros here in spain so i will put the info on the descrption box below where you can buy it i am just sharing my personal experiences in using this product and as what i´ve mentioned before we all have different skin types. it really depends on your skin how this product will work well on your skin before you use this please make sure to always or whatever product you use please always do the patch test so that´s it for today fellow mommy i hope you like this video and don´t forget to subscribe to my channel if you like this don´t forget to hit the thumbs up and leave your comment in the comment box below and ofcourse don´t forget to click the notification bell so you will be notified everytime i will be posting my new videos thank you for watching and i hope to see you again soon! byeee

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