Flight Attendant Facial Mask

This is called the flight attendant special, so I don’t know if– So Drew has the flight attendant special on right now. He’s got the flight attendant special yes. Coffee, tea, or me? Have you so you’ve had. (all laugh) So this one is the beauty secret of the Singapore airlines flight attendants. And I don’t know if you guys have ever flown that airline but they’re stunning.
It’s a great airline. So how does this do they do you ask them hey what are your beauty secrets? I literally stalk them.
Do they tell you this? I’m like what makes you so beautiful that I need to know that.
I love this. So this is one of their secrets to why their skin looks so amazing. What they do is they take egg and lemon juice and cotton squares and they literally paper-mâché their face but you can also buy these dry sheet masks now in Korea Town, Little Japan, anywhere. And you put it in and it pulls out every piece of grime and dirt in the skin. Wow. It helps to make it taut. Which is kind of a very non-invasive, face lift! So are you feeling,
It feels good! You know when you get egg on you, it dries out. Feels good. So can you feel it? Oh yeah. You want to leave it on for about 20 minutes, let it dry and when you pull it off, it pulls all the grime and dirt off of you. Oooh. (crowd ooh’s) Now, (crowd cheers) How fabulous
How’s it feel? Alright, so Drew,
He does look amazing Hack or wack? Hack! Yes! And by the way it just goes to show, you don’t need to go for a facelift, you can do something like this at home to really tighten up your skin immediately. I look that good? Yeah.

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  • Stop uploading so much


  • Please make longer videos and less. Like do all the clips in one 5 minute vid.

  • But lemon is bad for your skin. I know it's supposed to lighten your skin but it can mess with your ph because it's too acidic for your skin and will make your skin sensitive to sun. And don't gimme that bullshit oh it's all natural. Just because something is natural doesn't always mean it's good. Can't believe thus was featured on the doctors smh. And don't use eggs in you face either. One time my sister made a lemon/baking soda/egg mask and her face broke out in hives. It was painful to see

  • Am I the only one to notice they gave the black lady a brown robe and the white guy a white robe….

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