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  • flax yourself.

  • what a fuckseed

  • That's cool that the omega is not destroyed from baking. I made a pumpkin dessert with a lot of flaxseed meal in it for Easter. It turned out to be the best dessert I ever made. I also took the pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin, ground them into a paste in my Vitamix, & mixed them into the dessert along with raw sunflower meal, powdered milk, eggs, chocolate, raw honey, and organic blue agave. I baked it for 45 minutes at 325. It was outstanding. I topped it with Breyer's French vanilla ice cream.

  • I'll have to try this. I have very dry, sensitive skin and no cream or lotion helps at all.

  • When i buy flaxseeds i store them in the fridge of course, but the grocer keeps them in a bin at room temp. How can i be sure to get fresh flax. Grow my own?

  • Oh, GROUND flaxseed stays fresh for a month at room temp. So the whole flaxseed stays fresh for a year or so, from harvest to harvest?

  • Chia costs a lot more yet has about the same amount of omega 3 fats.

  • So my question is how much flax seeds do you need to eat each day?

  • Thanks Rephuze, I'll check my store for spirulina. I've been looking at green powders but most are expensive, and I'm broke.

  • Will will flax seed help clear up eczema?

  • Hi its great to hear you talk about linseed, thats what we call it over the pond. Flax for us is a fibre plant used to make linen you may like to read my comments about eczema.
    go to high barn oils .co uk and read my eczema blog.
    what we eat is just so fundamental.

  • Cool! I've been washing my hair and skin with flaxseed soft soap for some time now, and it has made both my hair and skin super soft and smooth. I guess it works externally as well as internally.

  • Dr Greger, could you talk about black seed? Is it a vegan replacement for omega 3's??

  • interesting,,I have been adding 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed to my oatmeal,, for months since encountering the daily dozen, and indeed my skin looks glossier, head to toe, thank you doc

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