hello everyone welcome back to my
channel today’s video I’m going to be talking to you about my new ordinary
skin care the abnormal beauty company has one of the best product lines and
their price range is really really good especially if you’re like me they are on
our budget so let’s get right into the video
I’m going to do my best be as quick as possible in this video so I have the
abnormal beauty company’s website up already so we’ll be talking straight from there
now till the first product I have is the AHA 30% + BHA 2% pealing solution
the color of this product is the distinctive feature it’s an at-home 10
minutes exfoliating facial from the website the alpha hydroxyl acids
exfoliates the skin stopped most surfaced for a brighter and more even
appearance while the beta hydroxyl acids that the BHA also exfoliates the skin
with an extended function to help clear pore congestion but to be honest I only
got it because I’m hoping and praying that it helps to considerably reduce my
dark marks hyper pigmentation I only use this
product twice a week mostly in the evenings but for the purpose of this
video I’m using it in my morning skin so I do my best not to ever leave it more
than the 10 minutes I stated so my next two products are still in the show I
have the salicylic acid 2% solution and niacinamide 10% plus zinc 1% so the
salicylic acid is also direct acid that helps exfoliate the skin this product I
can’t say enough good things about this product that’s it sound but before we go
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thank you well this product has helped fight the appearance of blemishes on my
skin and visibly reduce my textural irregularities I’ll show you in a
close-up shots right after this you can use this product in the morning and in
the evening before you go to bed sorry I’m sniffing this product I don’t know
why it doesn’t even have a smell I don’t know what’s wrong with me you can
definitely see a difference even after meet in my face baby smooth and healthy
if you ever have the chance please check out this product I would highly
recommend this to anybody who is fighting or who has acne prone skin and
hyperpigmentation it’s the last two products on my list are the vitamin C
suspension 30% in silicone and my natural moisturizer from the ordinary as
you all know the vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that brightens the
skin tone and reduces the appearance of signs of aging it is ideal for nighttime
skin care routines but my only problem with this product is that it has this
slight Beauty feeling after you apply balance that out by using my natural
moisturizer to make my face feel a lot more moisturized so I can go to bed
feeling moisturized so far completely totally absolutely enjoyed my ordinary
skin care products I’ll leave a short list down below if your based in accra so you can order any ordinary skincare product you want here in Ghana off of
Instagram so thank you so much so much for watching my video I’ll see you in my
next one I have a video up every week every single week so please make sure
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and join the family I love you guys so much PEEEEAAAACCEEE bye

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