mirror mirror on the wall who’s the
fairest wear of retin-a of them all is it me what’s up guys welcome back to
today’s video where I’m going to share with you my six-month retinol update
six-month retin-a update oh my gosh I can’t believe it has
been a full 6 months since I started prescription strength retinol guys where
has the time gone summer is almost over and fall is just
around the corner I can’t believe I’m saying that if you’ve been following my
channel for a while now you guys know that I’ve been talking about retinol
prescription strength retinol for a while now and it’s actually one of my
most viewed videos and one of my most commented on and requested topics here
on my channel if you haven’t already make sure to check out my entire
before and after retinol series I’ll have it linked down below over the last
6 months not only have I experienced some really
crazy side effects of retinol but I’ve also experienced some really amazing
results but I can’t wait to share with you guys before we go any further if you
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six-month prescription-strength retinol update my 6 month retin-a
update you guys are gonna be shocked by what i’m about to tell you let’s do
it I guess we’ll just start right at the
beginning so about six months ago I went to my dermatologist to talk about a
retinol or retinol a when you go to a dermatologist it’s about a hundred times
more potent than those products that you find at Sephora or Ulta retin-a is so
amazing for so many different things you guys it can help your body produce more
elastin collagen it can help erase fine lines wrinkles acne sunspots so about
six months ago I met with my dermatologist to talk about my
prescription strength retinol options I mean I’ve heard so much about them
online specifically here on youtube but I knew that I had to meet with my
dermatologist to get like the true T on what was going on
so my dermatologist helped me pick out a retinol based on my skin and we ended up
settling on stieva a now I’m using point zero one percent not point one percent
point zero one percent I know a lot of people in my other videos thought that I
was using 0.1% and that I was going to burn my face off but it’s actually point
0.01% so don’t be too worried so I’ve been using the stieva a tretinoin
cream guys this has been working absolutely wonderful for me for the last
six months now it does come in different forms like gels gel creams creams so the
cream form has been working amazing for me let’s
right at the first month which was one of the craziest months that I’ve had on
retinol my skin absolutely freaked out if you watch my original video that I
filmed a week after starting retinol I believe I only had one pimple kind of
right around my mouth region around here but trust me as time went on I broke out
into more and more zits especially in my mouth region and along my forehead I had
full-on pimples starting off with retin-a is a little bit of a
double-edged sword guys because at first it causes acne and all those pimples but
ultimately it’s working toward reducing acne reducing zits and reducing pimples
so it’s like okay I’ve got to put up with this stuff for like the first few
weeks but ultimately for flawless skin after the first few weeks my skin did
start to calm down from pimples but moving into the second month and the end
of the third month you guys this is when the dryness started I’m sure if you’ve
done any research on retinol you’ve heard that it can dry your skin out very
severely and in fact you have to go through this dry skin and kind of
peeling skin to reveal the youthful skin underneath so after my first month on
retin-a the stages of peeling started around my nose you guys I could actually
pick out the flakes of skin that were forming between my nose and all around
the cracks of my mouth I don’t know why but these two areas I assume because
they’re the areas where you talk the most and you’re moving the most started
to peel off they weren’t even dry you guys they were peeling off in full skin
I could actually take the tweezers and pull off skin between my nose I know
that’s so gross but I mean that’s what I could do so over the course of the
second month my entire face it did continue to dry out it didn’t flake like
those corner pieces did or like around my mouth but all the skin along my jaw
right under my eyes and my forehead you could see became a really thin in that
top layer if you rubbed hard you could almost rub off I think Emily three-month
retinol update video I actually referred to it as a zombie chin it literally
looked like I had been chewing on bath salts you guys my skin looked so dry and
so crazy I mean thank god those days are over so during those first two and three
months on retinol it is so pivotal to make sure that you guys are moisturizing
your skin you want to make sure that you’re moisturizing in the morning in
the afternoon in the evening and you want to make sure that you’re
exfoliating at least three times a week I know that sounds like a lot but
initially that skin is flaking off so quickly and it’s so dry you really want
to make sure that you’re getting it all off the skin to reveal that youthful
glowing skin underneath is really around the three
month mark where I started to see the most amazing benefits from using retinol
this is what I started exfoliating regularly moisturizing more and using
the retinol consistently the youthfulness that I uncovered in my chin
area I know this sounds so crazy but you guys my marionette lines are basically
not even there anymore I noticed that the skin texture around my nasal region
and my nose definitely started to change it was way more smooth and as soon as I
committed to using retinol every single night you guys the skin texture around
my nose has been smooth ever since and moving into the fourth month I started
to notice a significant decrease in the daily dryness of my skin my skin really
started to normalize back out and stop getting pili dry and really flaky even
the skin around my chin really normalized back out it wasn’t dry
anymore it wasn’t peeling or flaking however even though my skin stopped
peeling it definitely was more dry than normal so I have had to use a night mask
almost every single night to hydrate my skin to replenish that moisturizer into
the fifth and sixth month of using prescription-strength retin-a or
prescription strength of retinol you guys I’ve experienced nothing but
benefits of being on retinol when I finally arrived to month six at which
I’m at now my skin texture guys my skin luminosity my fine lines wrinkles acne
acne scarring sunspots every single thing that I thought retinol would do it
has done I haven’t been disappointed by using retinol for one second although in
the beginning you have to push to those kind of crazy stages of dry skin a
flaking skin acne I mean basically everything that makes you want to stop
if you can push through it the benefits of using retinol and right and
are absolutely astounding the texture and luminosity of my skin has never been
this good in my entire life you guys and I even find my skin is a lot more plump
and taut it definitely is even more full I’m so happy that I stuck to using
retinol and didn’t give up because after those first three months I mean the
benefits honey amazing and that guys is a wrap on my
six-month prescription-strength to retinol update my six-month retin-a
update if you want to check out my entire before and after retinol series
i’ll have all these videos linked it down below that way you can actually see
my skin of all month to month to month if you guys have any tips or tricks on
maximizing the results of your retinol let me know
it’s down below or if you just want to say hello let me know I love to hear
from you guys I reply to every single comment if you want to keep hanging out
with me between now next video you can watch more right here and you can
subscribe right here if you made it to the end of this video you guys know I
love and appreciate you so so much we just passed a 3,000 subscribers I can
barely believe it till the next video skincare squad I’ll see you then bye

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