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Hello viewers welcome to my channel. Today
we will make skin care lotion at home it will keep our skin tight ,glowing and shiny. It
works as a cleaner, toner. It cleans blackspots and chickenpox spots,ugly spots can
be cured but it needs patience. One girls experience her face was clean when she got
chickenpox she itched and pressed it which left spots. As soon as she applied homemade
lotion day by day her spots were lighter. She used to apply day and night. Slowly slowly
she was getting amazing results. Making this lotion we need only three ingredients. They
are glycerin, it has medicinal properties which can take complete care of our skin.
Some people use as a remover of makeup.crack heels also can be cured. Glycerin used in
cosmetic products. Next ingredient is lemon. Lemon is a good for skin it makes natural
bleaching for face and skin. It removes spots. Lemon can be used as a natural deo. Rose water
has properties of keeping skin beautiful. It works
as an antiseptic and gives cooling effect in our skin. Now let’s make procedure of making
lotion with three things. Lemon juice sieve with muslin cloth,rose water and glycerin
all can be taken same quantity if rosewater 2tablespoon lemon 2tablespoon,2tablespoon
glycerin. All mix and store in glass jar. Now your skin care homemade lotion is ready,in winter you
can apply in full body also as
a moisturizer. Every night you can apply in
your face. Your face
will be glowing and smooth and shiny. If you like my video please like share and subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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