Fighting Disease

Mary Ann McDowell: As a society we are removed
from the realities of war and in a science lab you can feel even further removed. Many
of the soldiers fighting in Iraq lose their limbs, their minds, and sometimes their lives.
I want to do more than just applaud these soldiers, I am committed to doing anything
I can to support them. Col. Glenn Wortmann: There are a few infectious
diseases that are related to deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq, one of which is called
the Baghdad Boyle. McDowell: Baghdad Boyle is a parasite that
one can get by the bite of a sand fly, it can cause a legion on the skin that can be
quite destructive and can leave substantial scarring.
Narrator: Since 1998, Mary Ann McDowell has been committed to the treatment of Baghdad
Boyle, her research in collaboration with the United States Army and the Eck Family
Institute for Global Health advances research on vaccines for this and other deadly diseases
such as malaria and dangdee fever. McDowell: The diseases that I have chosen
to work on cause substantial suffering throughout the world, hopefully my research will be able
to help relieve some of the that suffering. Narrator: The University of Notre Dame ask
what would you fight for? Nordstrom: Fighting for a healthy global economy
Nava: Fighting to improve living standards Gurule: Fighting for Justice
McDowell: Fighting disease. We are the fighting Irish.

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