Fenugreek face pack for anti aging

today’s video is about anti aging so what is anti aging? the definition of anti-aging is to delay or stop the aging process our bodies are made of cells and aging occurs when there is cell death as an infant child young adult our body cells strong and can make new cells as the years advance our body ability to generate new cells diminishes cell death occurs and the aging process is started so I think everyone can understand what is anti aging is so let’s get started with the today’s video hello friends welcome to my channel of all of you doing well today’s video is about anti-aging homemade face mask for this face mask we need two ingredient here we need fenugreek and yogurt so here fenugreek known as Methi and yogurt known as dahi or doi so both two ingredient we need here for making this face mask and a clean bowl so guys make sure fenugreek seeds soaks overnight blend the fenugreek seeds till a smooth paste is formed because we need natural one and here they’re a great properties in this both ingredients fenugreek seeds can have surprising benefit for your skin including eliminating the sign of like aging or wrinkle fine line yogurt has lactic acid that great for exfoliating your skin and makes your skin smoother and softer so you know this both ingredients benefits so let’s get started making the face pack here I’m taking 1 tsp methi and one tea sppon yogurt one is one 1:1 ratio you can make as you want and then mix it very well so after making this face pack I am applying it on my hand you can apply it on your face on your neck area so before applying it make sure you clean your face apply for easier application here I’m using this you can also use your hand so apply all over your face and neck and wait for good 20 to 30 minutes it’s really great face pack guys so after it dry you can see the soft soft feeling in your face just wash it off with cold water & for great result I mean you can feel great if you keep this face mask in refrigerator and after it cold you can apply it on your face & feels great and you can make it for your mom mother in law aunty and for yourself also so make this face mask at home and give me feedback you comment below so that my subscriber can trust me that face mask really works but if you have any allergy or other problem make sure it suits you because the most important thing is your face your skin so guys that’s today’s video I hope you liked this video and if you like this video don’t forget to subscribe give me a big thumbs up and subscribe click the button here can see me and so take care keep smiling meet you in my next video till then take care, tata!

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