Family Travels from L.A. to Ann Arbor for Baby’s Life-Saving Heart Surgery

(calm music) – I was already a high risk pregnancy ’cause my first daughter
was born prematurely. And, this pregnancy has
been incredibly difficult. It was just before 19
weeks that we went in to do anatomy scan. They were taking a really
long time on the heart and it was the ultrasound
tech, and she said, “You know, I can’t really
get a good view of the heart, “let me bring in the doctor.” And I was like, “That’s fine.” Like I’m not going to panic
until I need to panic. And my doctor came in and she was like, “Okay, there’s something
wrong with this heart”. We were sent right away,
they got us in right away, in two hours we had our first echo and we found out that
she had transposition. (serene music) So, I turn 34 weeks tomorrow,
we turn 34 weeks tomorrow. We know that she’s going to require open heart surgery after she’s born. – I think now we’ve kind
of gotten past the… I mean, obviously we’re still very scared, but we’ve kind of gotten past
the initial shock and panic. And moved into just, okay let’s find out as much information as we can, let’s try to be as prepared as possible. I don’t wanna hear any kind of words that I don’t know what they mean when everything starts happening. And so, I think we’re
kind of approaching it just like this is really
the learning phase to get us prepared as possible. – ‘Cause I think that
there’s still a piece… I know there’s a piece of
denial, especially with me, ’cause I’m carrying her and I’m like, she doesn’t feel any different than any other baby I’ve carried. I mean, I’ve only carried
one other one, but I’m like, she doesn’t feel any different. She moves and she… Brain’s fine, her development’s
fine, her growth is fine. And so you’re like, oh she looks like a regular baby on screen. I mean, if you look, she has
four chambers in her heart, like you would never… Unless you’re a trained
eye you would never know that there was anything
different about her. I mean, we definitely
looked at hospital rankings, and we have have great
hospitals in California, it’s not that. – And the priority for
us was like, number one, get the best care possible. And so, once we made that decision, we knew that nothing about
it was gonna be convenient. With work, with life, we
have this apartment in LA, what are we gonna do? We have a dog, we have another kid. And so, I’m a lawyer and
I’m Type A by nature. So, I won’t buy socks before
I’ve heavily researched every pair of socks and
read all the reviews. – And so, we made the
decision to come here. That was a really easy decision, I think, out of everything that we decided. (energetic music) – Hi, Sqishy, hi. Are you looking around, you waking up? (somber music) – So, today Rosemary is
getting her open heart surgery. She has transposition
of the great arteries. As well as VSD, a hole
between her two ventricles. And, some narrowing in the outflow track that will become her aortic valve. So, today we’re going to
move her great vessels so they go over the appropriate ventricle. Move her little coronary
arteries so stay with her aorta. Remove some of that muscle
underneath the valve that can cause some obstruction. And also close the hole
between her two ventricles. Hopefully this will be a repair that will be a complete repair that should last her a lifetime. (somber music) (happy music) – [Allison] So, it’s 2019 and
we are back in Los Angeles. Living back in LA. Rosie is 20 months and… – [Leanne] So, she’s a little
bit crazy, life is crazy. – I would say the most surprising thing about Rosie, I would
say there’s two things. The first is how well
she’s done and how she really exceeded all of the expectations. For, like her limitations and everything. And what a spitfire she is. Like, her personality is– – [Leanne] You would never know that she had open heart
surgery at 13 days, because she’s so active, she climbs on everything, she’s a little daredevil. If she turns out to be a
stunt double– (laughs) – That would not surprise me at all. Like, she–
– She’s fearless. – She is.
– She’s totally fearless. – She is totally fearless
and it is just so… Even if she did have limitations,
we would not be allowed to stay within them
’cause she would not care. When we came home, she was
one six different medications. But, by three months, she was on three, and by six months she was off all of them. So, and the other thing is,
her heart has done so well. Our cardiologist was like, “We’ll see you in a year.” Literally said to us, remember this? When she was like, “Well, you need to thank your
surgeon, because she made “an absolutely perfect heart.” And, she was like, “I’ll see you in a year.” – It informs all the
decisions that we make, but it’s also not something
that’s constantly on our mind. I think about her heart all the time, I think about it every
time I put her on my chest. Hear her heartbeat, and see her breathing. But, we treat her the same, you know? We go through life the same, we’re just a little bit more cautious
when something happens. – [Allison] The whole point of everything is to get them living as full of a life as possible. And that’s what I feel like
the doctors at Mott did for us, and that’s what I feel
like is Rosie’s outcome. (happy music)

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