Fairness Tips for Men in Tamil – Skin Whitening Beauty Tips in Tamil

Fairness Tips for Men in Tamil – Skin Whitening Tips Hello friends. You are watching Tamil Beauty TV. Due to work men have to face more sun exposure and due to this their skin become dark and tanned especially forehead. When you use the beauty tips followed by girls it may not be fruitful as men’s skin is hard and different. In this video let us see how to become fair with simple home remedies. Take 2 tsp rice flour in a bowl. As rice flour has sun protecting agent it acts as a sunscreen. It removes dead cells, impurities and cleanses your skin. Add 2 tsp of raw milk in it. Milk cleanses the skin and helps for new cell formation. Milk keeps your skin young and make it glow. Mix it well. Add 1 tsp honey in it. Don’t worry honey will not make the facial hairs white. Mix it till you get a face pack consistency. Apply it on your face and leave it for 10 minutes and wash your face with water without using soap or face wash. You should not go out in the sun for 2 hours after applying this pack and so for better results apply this pack at night. Give a gentle scrub while apply this pack. Use this pack twice or thrice in a week. You can see visible results from the first time itself. Don’t make it in bulk and store in fridge instead make it fresh while using it. This pack is suitable for all skin types.

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