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Well hey everybody! Welcome back to my channel! Where we talk about everything skincare so if you’re new I’m Chris Gibson and I am here to help you get your best skin ever. So, if you’re not subscribed please do that so that you don’t miss any of my videos when they come up each week. Okay! So today I’m gonna be talking about dark spots and particularly dark spots on your face and I had one that I just recently treated that I’ve had for a really really long time as I’ve found some new techniques to get rid of these now dark spots are post inflammatory hyperpigmentation yikes right a really long name but simply what that means is that it is the dark area of skin left behind whenever you have a bump usually a pimple or a cut sometimes it’s a scratch or a burn of some kind or sun damage even can create these where the pigmentation of the skin or melanin is produced in excess as the skin heals and it’s left behind and they can take a really really long time to go away and if you’re ‘like me I don’t have a lot of patience so I like things on my skin to look great obviously that’s the reason for the channel and so I like things to look good quickly so you’re really really excited to learn these techniques and ingredients that I’m going to talk to you about today that will help you get rid of these dark spots really really fast now they’re called dark spots but they can be red in fact most of you who follow me that have acne issues usually these spots are red but they can be again dark spots as in brown or gray or red sometimes a yellow is she gray spot is left behind the one that I had that we’ll be talking about today that I treated was particularly difficult to treat and particularly stubborn that but I was able to fade it so they may take months to go away on their own but with a little bit of work and a lot of consistency you can get rid of them pretty pretty quickly so as I said dark spots are a naturally occurring skin condition basically left over after healing and these spots are really on the very surface of the skin they don’t go too even though it seems like it takes a long time for them to go away so fading dark spots is really about specific ingredients that you can use on the outer layers of your skin to help fade them away quickly and the first of these I’m going to talk about today a lot of you are going to be super familiar with and that is a base or alpha hydroxy acids alpha hydroxy acids or water-based acids when you apply them to the skin they help speed up cellular turnover so you’re actually flaking off that microscopic layer of skin cells and replacing it with new ones in a much faster fashion so AAAS are a really great place to start because they’re super super mild they’re made from fruit sugar they’re in a balanced water solution they are water soluble so they only go down two or three layers of the outer layers of the skin and I have had a lot of success with these and sort of my clients know the product that I use most often for this is alpha skin care 14% H a serum so usually they are in a serum you can get them in a cream or a lotion but these are going to help fade spots much more quickly than they would go away on their own now one thing about AAS is that I don’t do them on my skin on the same days that I do exfoliation and you all know that I’m talking about exfoliation all the time and how important it is but on a day in which you do that your skin is extra sensitive you have removed mechanically removed some of the outer layers of your skin so putting an A or another product that’s an acid type product is going to burn so we don’t want to do that don’t want to do that on those days that you exfoliate now another product that is known to help really rapidly fade dark spots and marks is niacin and I’d try to say that 328th niacin na- niacin is part of the product so nice and amide is an ingredient that you can look for that can really help fade dark spots really quickly and it’s usually very very inexpensive so it’s a great product to add to your arsenal for these dark spots when they occur now the other great thing about niacinamide is that it helps overall skin tone so it’s actually helping your skin repair itself as you use it so the new skin cells that you’re producing over time are more even in skin tone in color so it’s a really really great product for that too really important to follow up these steps with a good vitamin C serum and I use clear revolution skincare some vitamin C serum because it’s my formulation but drunk elephant has a really superb vitamin C serum out there there are a lot of products that have it just make sure that it’s highly concentrated vitamin C serum is can be a little expensive so you may have to shop around but a vitamin C serum overall for your skin is going to brighten and even your complexion much what you see with me I one of the things that keeps my skin very bright and even in tone is that I use that on a daily basis you can use vitamin C serums on the day you exfoliate because they’re very very mild and buffered but you will see an overall improvement in your skin tone if you use vitamin C serum on a regular and consistent basis I almost always recommend this and the skincare routines that I put together for folks so go out there shop around and be sure that you add vitamin C to your arsenal just for overall skin health and glow now if you have really super stubborn skincare issues like I usually do you may need to up your game a little bit and use an exam ik acid and you can find those products and products like good molecules and also the ordinary carries a great product with tranexamic acid in it so shop around again for those products but that’s going to really help you as you see this spot here which I got by the way when someone accidentally put a cigarette out in my face at a nightclub one time so over the years it tends to come back because the skin was really damaged with a burn you see the before and after pictures of using these particular ingredients on the spot it’s almost removed it completely you can’t even really see it anymore so it’s really really great to know that you don’t have to be frustrated and you don’t have to fight with these spots that there is a great and easy and relatively inexpensive way to treat them now the other thing I want to say is that you always want to make sure you’re using a moisturiser very very important that you keep the skin moist and hydrated so make sure you’re applying daily a very very good hyaluronic acid water-based is what I recommend moisturizer and this is Neutrogena is hydraboost which I’m really really big on right now Neutrogena is a brands been around a long time I know but this is so great a formulation that I always recommend especially if you have sensitive skin or your Skinit is in a period of irritation like what happens after a breakout or acne breakout this product is going to be really good and soothing for your skin keep it hydrated keep it glowing keep it looking really good now another thing to keep in mind that’s really important is that when you’re working on these dark spots the skin needs to be completely completely healed like the one that I worked on had been healed for a while but if you have a current breakout or a bump and you’ve messed with it and you’ve got that mark starting to form don’t mess with it anymore don’t use a spot treat err don’t apply anything to it let the skin heal back down to sort of that pinkish dark spot and you’ll know it won’t be sore anymore it won’t it won’t be aggravated and then that’s the time to begin to apply these ingredients to help make sure that you don’t get that dark spot that sticks around for a while now you know if we’re applying ingredients to our skin that’s going to be removing skin even if it is a light iha acid or any of these products that’s gonna call cellular turnover sunscreens are so important you must must must add sunscreen to your regimen you should be doing it anyway there shouldn’t be a routine out there that at least I’m talking about that doesn’t include sunscreen of at least SPF ladies if you’re using makeup too has SPF in it that’s not good enough you still need to be using a light coating of an SPF 30 under your skin try to find one that is oil free there are several on the market now I will put a link in the video description box for you for sunscreen and the products that I talked to you about today that have been so helpful for me and removing my dark spots no they’re gonna be able to do the same thing for you I hope you found this video helpful and please let me know what you’re doing to treat your dark spots in the comments below I love to see your comments and also if there’s a topic of a particular interest that you don’t see on the channel somewhere then let me know I’ll probably do a video on it for you so thank you so much for watching stay beautiful that’s it for me guys and I will see you on the next one

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