Facial Treatment: How To Do a Facial at Home Step by Step

Hi, Jennifer. So I have my daily regimen
down to help me manage my occasional breakouts. But I was wondering if there’s
that I can do at home for a more intensive treatment. Absolutely. An at-home facial is
a perfect solution. A major complaint that I hear from
clients dealing with breakouts is the marking that is left behind after
a breakout has gone away. I’m sure you know what
I’m talking about. These marks can be just as frustrating
as the breakouts themselves. So you’re really going to want to go
above and beyond your regular regimen, and this at-home facial
is just the thing. So for your at-home facial, you’re going
to want to start with a really thorough cleanse with a purifying
cleanser like this, Earth Science Clarifying Face Wash. You’re just going to take a pump, add
some water, make a good lather. One thing you want to remember about
cleansing is that you want to spend a good minute working it into your skin,
giving those active ingredients time to do what they’re supposed to do. But especially for this facial, you
don’t want to skimp on this step because it’s going to help prep
the skin for the peel. So after cleansing, you’re going to go
ahead and apply your apple peel. And really, all you need is one teaspoon
and that’s what we have here in our little dish. And if you really want to get fancy, you
can pick up a fan brush and apply it like the pros. And I highly recommend it
because it feels great. You’re just going to do a
nice thin application. And you will leave the mask on for about
5-15 minutes, depending on how sensitive your skin is. And I really love this peel. It’s got lactic acid in it, and malic
acid which comes from apples, and these will help work away at those brown
spots by exfoliating the skin. And then it also has azelaic acid,
which will help inhibit future hyperpigmentations, so really,
really active. Smells wonderful. That might be a little bit tingly. So after removing the peel with warm
water, if that’s all you have time for, you’re just going to put on a
moisturizer and you’re all set. But if you really want to do the
ultimate treatment, I love using raw, organic honey. It might seem funny, but honey
is great for the skin. It hydrates, it calms, and
it helps heal blemishes. It can be a little bit messy, but
you just got to go for it. You can soften it up in your hands, and
then just apply a nice thin layer. Honey is a great treatment for any skin
type, but problematic included. It’s going to help hydrate the
skin and heal blemishes. And you can leave it on
for 5-15 minutes. And just like the peel, you’ll
remove it with warm water. I love this. My skin feels great. It just feels soft and supple. This is awesome. And it looks amazing. And you can do this treatment weekly. And with time, you will begin to
see those brown spots fade. Great.

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  • Thanks for sharing your tips. I have a few questions: Where can I get that apple peel? Do you recommend any other type or brand of clarifying facial peel?

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  • Yes we agree, she is beautiful and has beautiful skin! Thanks for watching! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for watching! Just wanted to point out that there is a Step-by-step guide and products used "link" in the description bar below the video. If you click on the link it will take you right to what you need! Hope that help. 😉

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