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Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai Home made Facial Tip This Facial is mostly based on Tomato Tomato Pulp Tomato and cucumber pulp Tomato, Potato and honey mixed pulp Let us watch, how this three pulps are useful as facial and how to prepare this? Take ripen tomatoes “Refer” the description for the ingredients and preparation methods below the title. Grind 1 tomato in mixie without adding water to it Just take 1 spoon of tomato paste Wash your face with a mild soap before applying the facial pack Then apply the tomato paste to your face using a cotton “Refer” to Home Made Face Pack video in my Channel After applying leave it for 15 mins. After the pack is dried up you can even apply another coat to the face. “Refer” to Herbal Hair Pack video in my channel Later wash the face with normal water If you practice this for twice in a week, then your skin will turn soft This Cucumber with Tomato face pack is very useful for removing Dark circles around the eyes The causes for Dark circles are drinking less water, watching TV for hours, working in computers for long time, less sleep during night, etc Not wearing specs, while having power issues in the eyesight also an cause for dark circles This face pack is only a remedy for external case. If you have dark circles due to the reasons I said before, then you have to correct those issues first. Don’t work for a long time, give rest for your eyes by relaxing them Go out of your work atmosphere and try to look at the things which are far from your sight. You can even cut the cucumber into slices and place it on your eyes to relax your eyes. This cucumber tomato pack can be used twice in a week. Add a small size sliced cucumber to the tomato paste for grinding. This paste is made of a 1/2 tomato and a small piece of cucumber grinded Apply this paste on your face using a cotton and apply more near the dark circles under your eyes Or take more cotton and dip it in the paste and place it on your eyes like this. Keep this for 10 mins., remove the cotton and wash with normal water. This pack is made using Tomato, Potato and honey This pack is applied to remove the darkness around the neck This darkness around the neck is caused because of thyroid or hormonal issues, which is an internal problem This internal issues have to be corrected first. The external causes can be due to wearing ornaments which causes the darkness and makes the skin rough around the neck For this, take a potato washed well and grate it with a grater After grating the potato squeeze the grated potato with your hands to extract the juice. Extract 1 tablespoon of potato juice Add 1 Table spoon of potato juice to 1 table spoon of tomato paste Add Honey to the mixed paste honey is useful to make the skin soft and moisturizes the skin MIx it well and apply it around the neck Not only you can apply it for the dark necks, you can even apply for the elbow which can be dark for some. This can be applied wherever the skin is hard (rough) and dark. Apply this and leave it for 15 mins and wash it off You can apply it daily or twice a week Honey has the ability to make the skin soft. Also honey can remove the heat or stretch marks from your skin This face pack can be prepared very easily with this available vegetables. Try this at your home and send us your feed backs

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