Facial Skin Care Tips : Different Types of Facial Masks

Hi! I’m Gila for Expert Village. Now I’ll
be discussing face masks. It’s not something to do on a daily basis, but once a week is
a wonderful treat to your skin. There’s a very big selection of facial masks out on
the market. Different types of masks to different types of things. We have a strengthen mask
that creates a tightening effect to the skin. We have moisture masks that give extra moisture
to the skin. We have masks that are made out of mud that come from the Dead Sea or from
the south of France. Different types of mud from different types of oceans that create
different minerals, which are put into the masks that give our skin all the vitamins
and special treatments that it deserves. The mask I’ll be using today is a mask. It creates
tightening and whitening of the skin. Sometimes our skin becomes more flushed either because
it’s tired or needs a little more relaxation. Different types of masks do different types
of things. We want to make sure that the masks are going to help up and only enrich our beauty’s
care system that we’ll be doing.

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