Facial Skin Care & Makeup Tips : How to Wash Face for Facial Skin Care

Hello! I’m Peggy Hafernick and I’m speaking
on behalf of Expert Village. Today we’re going to be talking about skin care and applying
makeup. I’m an independent beauty consultant for a leading cosmetic company in the U.S.
What you’ve already done is you’ve pulled back your hair because you don’t want your
hair to be in the way. You want to have a full view of your face while you’re doing
your makeup. First of all, we need to prepare our skin for the makeup. What we need to do
first is to cleanse our skin. If you’ll take one of these cloths and wash your face or
wet your face for me. Wet your face down a little bit. We’re going to apply a product
to your face that is a cleanser. You can just take the cleanser with your hands and apply
it to your face in a upward and outward motion. Kind of a gentle scrubbing as you do so. You
want to apply it all over your face.

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