Facepack for Tanned Skin II झुलसी हुई त्वचा के लिए फेसपैक II By Priyanka Saini

Hi friends. In today’s hush-hush life we have to go out under the sun also. and in result our skin become tanned and skin look very complexes and wilt So, how to get rid of this tanned . For this i will make you teach a face pack. Come with me for preparing this face pack we require oranges peel Gram Flour lemon juice Sandal wood powder and cucumber. So let’s start making Firstly, will grate the skin of orange and will grate the cucumber also and will put all of this in a bowl and now we will add 1/2 spoon of Gram flour 1/2 spoon of Sandal Wood Powder and some lemon juice and will mix them nicely so, our face pack is ready put this face pack for at least 20 minutes and then wash it with cool water you will feel that slowly-slowly your sun Tann is getting disappear and your skin has become clear and fairer

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