Face pack For Younger Looking Skin II जवां त्वचा के लिए फेसपैक II By Priyanka Saini

Hi! Friends Welcome to Priyank’s Beauty Tips We start looking much older than our age in our day today stressful life And we start following many costly treatments to look young But have ever thought In your kitchen itself you have many thing which can keep your skin younger looking Today I will show same pack which is available in you kitchen itself For that we need egg we will be only using its white portion Lemon And milk cream which you came get it from milk First take egg and removes its egg whites From this we will remove its yolk And we will only use egg white Add 1tsp Milk cream in it 1/2 Lemon Mix it well As you see our pack is ready Now apply it all over face properly and leave it until it dries off completely When it dries off completely wash it off with luke warm water You will realise your skin is more firm now Lemon contains antioxidants which itself is very useful for ageing effect Your skin will have a beautiful glow and firmness How did like my pack Please do tell us And don’t forget to subscribe our channel Thanks

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