FACE PACK FOR FAIRNESS II फेयरनेस के लिए फेसपैक II

Tell me one thing? What do you do for your skin fairness & glow I think, you must be going to parlor or facial at home ok, so let me tell you how with the ingredient of your kitchen how can you make your skin fair right? So must have tomatoes at your home ? and lemon also. With these you can make a face pack which can give you a glowing & fair skin. Now for that we will take 1 spoon tomato juice and 1/2 spoon lemon juice will mix them well yes, its mixed nicely apply this on your face & neck with cotton balls and wash off after 20 min with normal water and then see, how your skin Will glow And you can also subscribe our channel for so much of beauty tips. Thank you…

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