Face pack for Complete Skin Care II संपूर्ण त्वचा के लिए फेसपैक II By Bhakti Narang II

Hi friends, myself Bhakti Narang I welcome you all again in F3 beauty tips The remedy i am going to give you today, that will give fair look to your skin As well as keep the problem of acne & pimple away from you. and it will moisturize your skin & also will solve the problem of your skin ageing. To make this pack what all ingredients we require they are:- For this we require multani mitti, 1 grated almond Rose water You can use any oil, i have taken coconut oil and basil leaves so, let us start making fairness pack for this will take 1 spoon Multani Mitti 1 grated almond Few chopped basil leaves Rose water almost 1-1/2 spoon 2 drops of oil will mix it if the paste is getting thick then you can add some rose water will mix it well our pack is ready. Multani Mitti has lots of benefits and the major benefit of its that it has no side effects It will give a fairer look to your skin, it contains magnesium chloride in it as well as which keep the acne & pimple away Rose water has lots of benefits, just like it will smooth your skin & will keep any type of irritation away from your skin. If you have oily skin then it will cleans your skin It will tighten your skin pores as as well as it will rejuvenate your skin & within short span of time your skin will glow. Basil and Almonds are anti-oxidant in itself. Almonds will give slow & shine to your skin Basil will also solve any skin related problem of yours like skin rashes & skin irritation. So, our fairness pack is ready, you must make this. keep it for 5-10 minutes on your face when it becomes dry then wash it out with cold water. So, subscribe our channel for such type of useful tips & don’t forget to share our videos. Thank You…

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