Hello Everyone Namaste. We all are girls & we all deal with HairGrowth on our Face. To deal with that hairgrowth we do Threading & Waxing on our Eyebrows & Upperlips or also on Cheeks. Due to it we also face some after effects of it like Breakouts, Redness, Marks etc. So how to cure all that after Effects, I’ll be showing some steps which you need to follow. Lets Start. Before goin for Threading process for your eye brows Apply some Hot Water on your Eyebrows Before so that area gets Numb, Hence, you’ll face less pain while threading or waxing your eyebrows. Lets Start with AfterThreading Cure, After Threading step 1 is to Clean or wash your face with any facewash of your choice. After Threading, avoid your hands touching threaded parts again & again Because after threading that threaded area becomes Extremely Sensitive, & bacteria on your hands may cause skin infection on your skin. Aftre two-three days of threading we start seeing some small patches, acne, oimples on our threaded area, thats because after waxing our pores gets open & due to dirts & not clearing it properly it causes redness & infections to avoid To sooth that area & Avoid redness Aplly Rose Water, Aloe Veera Gel, or Aloe veera to calm down that threading pressure held during Threading or Waxing. If after threading you have to go out in sun, avoid it but if urgent u can apply Suncreen before leaving or Carry a scarf or oversized Sunglasses to avoid skin Irritaion that are caused due to sun UV rays. If you have any appinemnets for Bleaching or Steam, Facial direct after threading process, i will advice you to postponed that appointment for around 2-4hours. After threading your skin gets extremely sensitive, so any heat process direct after threading may cause bad effects on your skin which obviously you dont want. Lastly donot forget to apply any moisturizer or aloe veera gel or aloe vera on your threaded are to avoid any kind of breakouts in future. Here I’m applying aloe vera gel, rubbing it onto my fingers to activate moisturiser Apply in in upward direction & then slowly massage it on your eyebrows or upperlips.

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