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hey well hey everybody! welcome back to the channel! if you’re new, I’m Chris Gibson your skin care expert and I am here to help you get your best skin ever and on this channel we talk about skin care products skin care methods skin care just about skin care everything so if that’s your thing be sure and subscribe it hit that little notification bell so that you know when I have new videos up each week okay well now most of you know that I just did a video on a four-step skin care routine because over time people keep adding step after step after step after step and before you know it they’ve got this huge skincare routine which is just totally out of control spending tons of money and not getting the results they want and yeah that’s not really necessary and interestingly enough vogue just came out with an interview with madellaine Pech from Riverdale Wow 38 step beauty routine craziness craziness craziness I mean when does she sleep so I decided today to do a reaction video / my opinion video on her 38 step routine is it really worth doing all the stuff that she’s talking about particularly in the area of the skincare routine itself I mean that’s what we’re really concerned with on this channel so I’m gonna put a link to her video in the video description box so that you can see the video in its entirety and let’s get to it I just feel like it makes me feel like it more at home and the hotels a lot of my life we’re gonna like this baby up and you’d like to take my time if that means I have to take two extra hours of already I’m gonna do it I just want to take my I feel no stress okay huh two extra hours so that explains how she does thirty-eight steps right there so first one is this really cool little like ice ball thing I put it in ice bucket today but I usually keep it in my freezer and it just kind of deep house my face you don’t have one of these at home I just recommend sticking your face in an ice bucket for 20 seconds oh no no no no no you do not dip your face in ice water even for 25 seconds I mean the ice ball to remove puffiness I think that’s great but no no no you do not do that there’s a lot that can go on when you put ice on your skin especially if you put it on there for too long it can break capillaries under the skin and they can add up and make very unsightly overtime so well I get using some device to cool down the skin I just did a video on skin care refrigeration and the mini fridge on what’s appropriate to do with that so it’s okay to have cool products and I did a video on the flawless derma roller and they they recommend that you refrigerate that item and that’s fine that’s to cool the skin down and improve the circulation an ice water is very shocking to the skin so I wouldn’t wouldn’t put my face in a bucket of ice that’s just no I don’t agree with that like when you’re on camera all the time and people are just like looking at all of your pores it’s nice to be sure you’re taking care of it to the best of your ability although like breakouts and stuff you really can’t control oh my god I can’t believe she said that of course you can control your breakouts what are you talking about oh my god yeah my whole channel is dedicated to controlling breakouts I have two hundred videos on this do I have some videos for her from rené laloux and these cute little cloths she makes fur and I’m obsessed they’re so softly much softer than cotton rounds which is why I love them I [Music] use this all the time it’s soothing and my skin gets very red as you can see so this is really nice okay so she’s using my neighbor Lowe’s elderberry Sudan toner which which is fine I wouldn’t looked up the ingredients on this toner yeah it’s really good in so many ways and you guys know I am NOT a fan of toners I’m not a fan of toners because many of the products out there for whatever reason skincare companies and labs keep putting the nature alcohol in toner and it can be very irritating and stripping and it actually kind of removed some of the benefits of a toner so while she’s using that toner the reason her skin is turning red is the alcohol in the toner so they really should look at taking that out but they didn’t there’s a lot of great ingredients in that toner including bio saccharides and bio saccharides are really a great ingredient because what they do is help retain the water between the cells which helps plump up the skin and make it even looking for like all-day hydration so bio saccharides along with hyaluronic acid can be a huge benefit for especially you guys with dry combination skin because it’s oil-free so it’s not a bad product it’s a it’s a good product it’s just that it’s got the denatured alcohol in it and yeah that’s not good I have this cute little tool from Sicily that I use for under my eyes and this screaming the large majority of my okay she’s using an eye roller to apply her first layer of eye cream which is really really great the reason for that is it massages the eye cream into the area and it helps improve the circulation that’s really what you’re going to get out of the rolling mechanism just like the flawless contoured derma roller anything that moves the skin around and increases the circulation is going to remove puffiness it’s going to help with dark circles so that’s a really great tool to have so I agree with her on using that instead of just your fingers that doesn’t mean though you should go run out and buy one of those you can use your fingers it’s just that a roller does give you a little bit more access to the under eye area just be sure you don’t apply too much pressure because you don’t want to irritate the eye area vitamin C serum yes that is so important vitamin C serum is super super important in skincare routine okay so vitamin C serum is so so important to your skin care routine and it’s really super wonderful to see someone of her age doing the vitamin C the sooner you start using these type of products in your skincare routine the better your skin is going to look throughout your life vitamin C serum is so important because it helps the skin’s elasticity it has a bit of an H a component that helps speed up that cellular turnover it lightens and brightens skin naturally so it’s just a great product to help with anti aging and overall skin health vitamin C serum time after time comes back and does such a great job for people now they can be kind of expensive there are a couple that I usually recommend which is drunk elephants high-potency vitamin C serum it’s really really great but it isn’t cheap and also clear revolution skincare is vitamin C serum which I helped formulate which is about half the price but does just as great a job as the drunk elephant brand so I will put links to those down in the video description box along with all the things that she’s talking about the products and the products that I’m talking about today to try to help you have alternatives where you can save money it’s really hard to not break out however I’ve started doing my own makeup I don’t blame her for doing her own makeup on the show a lot of those shows the makeup and brushes and things are shared amount of material so doing your own probably a good good idea oh that’s cool so she does her sunscreen before she does anything else like moisturizer anything else that is really really important okay I want to stop here and talk a little bit about why it’s so important to have the sunscreen on before you put your moisturizer and this is something I am so bad about not talking about and many of us in the skincare community and even on YouTube we talk a lot about sunscreen and how important it it is important but most people think okay I put that on last what she’s doing is applying it before her moisturizer and the rest of her makeup which is super super important sunscreen and then she’s using an SPF 30 and a greaseless it’s Renae berlo’s brand of sunscreen that’s an SPF 30 and that’s fine I usually recommend 15 but it this censoring is great because there’s no petroleum in it there’s no mineral oil in it it’s zinc base which is really great my only issue with it is it has Octonauts eight in it which is one of the sunscreen ingredients that’s been banned in Hawaii because of the coral reefs and in Mexico and several other countries so I hope that Renae reloj will labs will take that particular ingredient out otherwise it’s a really great sunscreen it’s greasy otherwise it’s a really great sunscreen it’s not greasy its lightweight so that’s kind of what you want to go for so I think it’s amazing that she has the sunscreen step especially again at her age very well educated on her products and product use this is really great a little bit of moisturizer this is the water thing I love it okay the moisturizer she’s using is touch of water which is a water-based moisturizer really really great moisturizer although it’s a little bit expensive at $68 I’m all about water based products right now because they do such a great job for all skin types especially oily or acne-prone skin there’s no there’s no oil in them so they make a great product that absorbs they get the hyaluronic acid down into the skin where it needs to be to give you those benefits so Tasha water is great however you guys know that I’ve been a big proponent of Neutrogena ‘s new line hydro boost no it’s not sponsored I’m not sponsoring it or they’re not sponsoring me but it is a really really good product and it’s a lot less than that product is so if you don’t have that in your budget for tatcha water and you don’t need that sitting on your your stand or your in your bathroom then definitely check out the Neutrogena brand I’ll put links to these again in the video description box if I don’t have face cream on it shock in your face in our face let’s get to the lips exfoliating your lips is so important especially for like the plumpness and the size of your lips I love this okay so that’s a really great thing that she does is she does exfoliate her lips and I’m I think that’s a really great thing to do one of the things you need to know when you do exfoliation of your lips you need to make sure that they’re not chapped this is not a tool to take chapped lips off and give you new skin it is a tool to keep your lips in good shape so she does it twice a day that’s fine but you need to make sure your lips are in healthy shape good shape before you begin doing that process and it will actually help you prevent chapped lips so I think that’s really great so she does two eye cream she does the one in the beginning of her routine and then she applies another one at the end patting it in which is really great for puffy eyes that again is a really good thing to do is to make sure that those eyes and eyelids all the area around the eyes really moisturized I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as too much yes okay good it can never be too much skin care but there can be too much makeup that bears repeating never ever drive always puts our products all the way downwards we’re calling them and I feel like you learned a lot of your great payday secrets from your mom my mom has a lot of sunspots and so does my dad from growing up in South Africa and so that’s why sunscreen is so important in my daily routine because they are so deathly afraid of beginning sunspots in fact my dad had skin cancer a couple years ago really great that she’s pointing out a neck cream because a lot of people forget about this area the neck is so important to be moisturized every day she’s 25 and she’s doing neck cream just gonna pay off dividends for her entire life that she’s doing that amazing amazing things so two things I love about this already is the sunscreen going on the SPF going on before the moisturizer and the the neck cream and making sure that pointing out that that is such an important thing to do and so many people miss it I also travel with okay so she likes to use essential oils for like her fragrance he likes rose and that’s all great essential oils are really really good when they’re used properly the thing that I want to say about this though is a lot of people are very sensitive to essential oils especially if they’re pure and not cut with anything so I don’t recommend that you use them until you’ve patched tested in the way to patch test for your sensitivity to that is to simply put a little bit of the oil on the crease of your elbow on the inside crease obviously I’m gonna be outside crease but inside crease I give it a day and see if you have any sensitivity show up really really important you want to put something on your face or your neck that you’re sensitive to because hives are no fun breakouts are no fun and that’s what that kind of irritation can lead to so we’re gonna stop there with a skincare routine because the rest of what she’s talking about is cosmetics and you can watch that whole video again it’s down in the video description box but I really like her skin care routine overall the skin care portion is not that many steps it’s about six or seven which is which is fine the only thing I think that she’s missing and that I didn’t hear or talk about and it’s very very typical of everybody that’s really young is the exfoliation step now this is a daily routine maybe she does that sometime during the week but you guys need to be exfoliating you know I talk about that all the time daily with an exfoliation pad like a buff puff pad or some sort of face facial sponge that will help take off dead skin cells and really super important to do that weekly deeper exfoliation whether that is from a light peel like the ordinary peel that I reviewed the 30% eh-eh-eh peel is really good or you can use you know a light salt scrub on your skin again scrubs are a little bit more difficult to manage because that’s a mechanical process and you can scrub off too much skin if you’re not careful so be sure you’re doing that the only other thing that I saw is I didn’t see anything and her moisturizers that had an aah a component to help speed that cellular turnover and even in your 20s you need to do that but hey sunscreen great neck great the way that she’s treating the area around her eyes all those things are really really great in the skincare routine so I actually kind of love this she’s a beautiful girl she deserves all the followers that she’s got and hopefully you guys can learn from some of the tips that she’s giving you and the tips on the channel that said I’m gonna put a couple of videos right over here including the one on six steps to follow the skin that I put together for you guys it helps you get your perfect skincare routine for your skin type so I highly recommend that you check it out you know I want to thank you guys for your support as of this videotaping we’re 6,000 subscribers to me that’s amazing I know I’m just a little channel who could the little channels who could but I’m really excited and I really appreciate all your support stay beautiful have an awesome day and I will see you guys over on the next one

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